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Dog Breeds That Shed the Most

Updated on March 22, 2016

Shedding is one of the most serious concerns for people who are allergic to pet fur, dander, or hair. The choice between a breed that doesn’t shed and one that does is an important one to make when picking your next dog.

While nearly all dogs shed to some extent, there are a few dog breeds that are known to be hypoallergenic, meaning that they don't shed at all. While there are debates about which dogs are best for people with allergies, there's pretty universal agreement on which dogs shed the most.

Do Heavily Shedding Dogs Make Good Pets?

Shedding should hopefully not be the only factor you consider when choosing a breed, as there are a number of other factors to consider as well. For instance, I love German shepherds, even they are very heavy shedders.

But then again, it seems nearly impossible to avoid shedding entirely with a dog. Sharp observers of supposedly non-shedding dogs will notice that even so-called hypoallergenic dogs shed hair at certain times of the year. After all, even people lose and regrow hair.

What makes the heavy-shedding breeds such a nuisance is the fact that their shedding is excessive, and that the dander they give off irritates the skin and can cause allergies. For children in particular, pet allergies can be devastating, and it is therefore necessary to pick the right hypoallergenic dog.

Dogs that Shed the Most
Dogs that Shed the Most | Source

Do All Dogs Shed?

The heaviest shedders tend to be bigger dogs with heavy coats. But if you have your heart set on getting a larger breed, there are some that don't shed very much. If they are easy to train and have a good temperament, then they're perfect for families.

Below you can find a list of heavy shedders that I would avoid if you have a family with pet allergies.

List of Dog Breeds that Shed the Most

The following dogs make great pets but are considered the heaviest shedders.

  1. Golden retrievers
  2. German shepherds
  3. Collies
  4. Great Pyrenees
  5. Pugs
  6. Shelties
  7. Dalmatians
  8. Beagles
  9. Labrador retrievers
  10. Dobermans
  11. Rottweilers
  12. Huskies
  13. Corgis
  14. Malamutes
  15. Dachshunds
  16. German shorthaired pointers
  17. Samoyeds

Already Have a Shedding Dog?

If you already own a dog that sheds heavily, there are steps you can take to slow the rate at which it loses hair. If possible, keep the dog in lower temperatures and in stress-free environments. Also, make sure that your dogs is receiving adequate nutrition, as explained in the video below.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I really appreciate this post. I have been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thx again! dbgfdcecfgbe

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Great list...I have two german shepherds and a lab retriever and they shed a lot too something that I don't experience with my beagle.

    • Nettlemere profile image


      5 years ago from Burnley, Lancashire, UK

      My GSD cross is the heaviest shedder of all the dogs I've had. He's the reason my office chair at work is hairy since I seem to take his hair where ever I go !

    • afriqnet profile imageAUTHOR

      Joe Njenga 

      6 years ago from Nairobi Kenya


      GSD are my favorite Pets and their only issue is Shedding which can be controlled with proper grooming as well as their increase predisposing to Hip Displasia otherwise they make great Pets.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I have a german shepherd, (with a short coat but it is longer around his shoulders and neck and back legs) he sheds all year round, constant & heavy, even more than my friends golden retriever. I find myself doing a once over of the floor everyday with the hoover otherwise the hair gets stuck to my socks and if i sit on my feet on the couch the hair gets on there too. everywhere! brilliant dog though :)

    • Dubuquedogtrainer profile image


      6 years ago from Dubuque, Iowa

      Ha! Just as I thought - my Golden Retriever sheds more than my German Shepherd! My last dog was a GSD and I thought she shed a lot until I got a Golden Retriever! Useful information - voted up!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I have a st. bernard, and she sheds non stop, one of the worst shedders I have ever seen.

    • afriqnet profile imageAUTHOR

      Joe Njenga 

      6 years ago from Nairobi Kenya

      I agreed a good breed mix of the two kinds of dogs that shed and those that don't shed will certainly be ideal. Thanks for your comment.

    • Nature by Dawn profile image

      Dawn Ross 

      6 years ago

      Afreqnet, Thanks :0) My dogs are spoiled rotten. Yes, it is a lot of work with constant brushing, sweeping, and vacuuming but they are worth it. Dogs that don't shed have their own set of problems. For one, consider the grooming costs to have their hair clipped every month or two. Let's face it, if you want take good care of your dog it is going to cost money and time (and occasional inconveniences) no matter which breed or breed mix you get. Thanks for writing a great hub!

    • afriqnet profile imageAUTHOR

      Joe Njenga 

      6 years ago from Nairobi Kenya

      @ Nature by Dawn, Thanks for your comment :) I know dogs that shed too much can be a nightmare, the worst case scenario is the cleaning work that they may require. The hair can also clog drains as you said. thanks for adding that. You should think about taking good care of your pet if have a breed that shed the most. :) Good Luck

    • Nature by Dawn profile image

      Dawn Ross 

      6 years ago

      Great information, but I think my Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix should be added to the list. :0)

      If your dog sheds, be careful about washing their bedding in your washing machine. I just found out the hard way that this can clog your drains!

      Despite the shedding, I wouldn't give up my Labrador (#9 on the list) or my Aussie/BC mix for anything. They're the best.


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