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Litter Robot Review

Updated on January 8, 2019
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Rebecca loves sharing what she knows about alternative medicine, health, frugal living, fun, animals, and how to live a better life!

The Litter Robot

Henry using the Litter Robot!  Good boy Henry!
Henry using the Litter Robot! Good boy Henry!

Litter Robot? Or Alien Shit Machine?


Everything living poops or has some type of excrement. Taking care of a cat is a joy and a privilege, but scooping cat litter sucks. I had to find a better way to manage this situation. I'm not sure how many years I've spent scooping cat boxes, at the time writing this, it's been 21 years. Saving shopping bags, trying to hold my breath, having to get multiple litter boxes, wasting my time. Really, who wants to do that? It's not about laziness. I'm always looking for more efficient ways to live my life. The Litter Bot helps with this. The litter Bot makes poop management more bearable.

Litter Robot Pro's

What are the pros of owning one of these things? There are many.

  • No more scooping cat crap or urine!
  • It is compatible with any type of clumping cat litter
  • It's great for over-sized/large cats
  • One Litter Robot can accommodate up to 3 cats
  • You don't have to buy special bags, it can use just about any bag. Except for old grocery bags, those are too small.
  • It's clean every time your cat(s) needs to use the bathroom, which they LOVE
  • It's quiet
  • It's easy to clean and move if needed
  • It's novel, but it actually works!

My Experience With the Litter Robot

Ok, so this is my honest review. And I have become an affiliate with this company but have no way been compensated to write my review, so there's my disclaimer.

I had previously looked for a self-cleaning litter box. There are ones you can roll sideways after your cat goes to the bathroom (no thanks), not to mention they all had really bad reviews. There are sifting ones that scrape the crap to the front of a tray...didn't seem very efficient. They are very hard to clean, so that was not going to work.

And then I saw the Litter Robot, and the heaven opened and all the angels rejoiced!

Because these machines are so expensive, I didn't purchase one right away. I mean to spend this kind of money on a litter box kinda makes me feel crazy. But ask yourself what your time is worth? Hands down my time is more valuable then scooping cat shit.

Currently, I have two mature cats and one about 4 years old. I've tried everything to make their bathrooms better. I've tried pellet litter, I've had 4 boxes at once going, it's a big huge awful mess and honestly, they didn't seem to enjoy it. The oldest cat threw a fit over pellet litter and decided he'd shit on the rug. I will probably never be without a cat in my life. I love them, I've had them around since I was a kid. They are very important to me. So based on all these factors, it made sense for me to buy a Litter Robot. And I am so glad I did!


I'm a small person, 5'1 not much over 100lbs. The Litter Robot arrives in a huge box. Fedex dropped it at my front door. The only thing I didn't like about this is the box is clearly marked Litter Robot. Now, I live in a house, so it wouldn't be hard for someone to notice the contents of any of our packages and steal them, it's not an issue if you are home, and luckily that day I was. I moved the box inside by myself without any issues, it wasn't heavy, just a bit awkward.

The assembly is so straightforward, I did not bother to read the directions. You literally take it out of the box remove some packaging and put litter in it. I did notice a whole section on acclimating your cats to using it, so I skimmed over that. Cats are smart. Some are picky jerks, but you still shouldn't have to hard of a time acclimating once they realize it's always clean.

We, unfortunately, have to put ours in the kitchen because my oldest cat will no longer do basement steps, I don't mind this. He's old. Someday I may not use them either. But having it in the kitchen made it that more important to stay clean.

Plug the unit in when you're ready and you're all set.


So this is again based on my current situation. I have 3 male cats, one Maine Coon about 25 lbs, a British Bluepoint, almost 30 lbs, and a stray that is about 10 lbs. All 3 use the Litter Robot. Only one box! That alone is cause for celebration.

I placed the Litter Robot near their current litter box. Added litter, and a little from their old litter box (to familiarize them with scent), and left the unit unplugged. For two days no one wanted to use it. They'd walk up to it, sniff it, peer inside, and walk away. They stared in amazement when they saw it rotate and do a cleaning cycle. I sprayed some catnip near it to try to hold their interest. I gave them some treats near it. They seemed curious as cats often are but unsure what this space pod looking thing was going to do. I had some concerns about the step to get in initially because of my oldest cat, but he seems to manage just fine now.

By day 3, my oldest cat Henry was using it. Moose, the next large cat followed suit. The youngest cat is still not sure of it, but we've only had it 5 days. He seems to be losing interest in the old box which I am letting "stew". Cats do not like litter boxes or faeces, in the wild they do their business as far away from their dens as possible. Soon that old stinky box will be a thing of the past. Since the two oldest use it, it got plugged in. When the cats see the machine go through a cleaning cycle they are a little scared, but it's not loud, and not as terrifying as a vacuum cleaner. The youngest cat will stick just his head in and watch the poop disappear.

They are acclimating well to their new toilet! And I'll admit, I am excited and proud.

Litter Robot In Action (disregard commentary and messy house)

What I love & dislike about the Litter Robot

I love that this can be used for up to 3 cats. I love that it accommodates my large cats. I love to not have to clean litter boxes. I love that my cats seem happier and that they have a clean place to use the restroom. The design is smart. It's easy to clean, easy to empty the tray and you can use any rubbish bag you like. The unit is lightweight, so even people of small stature won't have any issue cleaning it. I love that it seems to save cat litter. In a traditional box, if you don't scoop right after a cat goes the litter seems to spread out and contaminate the surrounding litter. No more scraping old clumps off the bottom of a litter pan! And since the Litter Robot cleans after every use, that does not seem to be happening and isn't something I have to deal with. Even though you have to use a clumping cat litter, you can use any brand you like. It cleans anytime someone uses it, automatically, it tells you when to empty the "dirty" drawer. Which is as easy as emptying a trash bin. I can't see much use for the night light it has, because cats have excellent vision, but it could be helpful for a disabled cat perhaps? I'm not thrilled with the step to get in and out only because if you have a cat with mobility issues this may be a struggle for them. The litter mat on the outside seems rather pointless. My cats still have litter bits scatter off their paws when existing but that's nothing a broom can't handle and I have to sweep anyhow. I didn't like the initial cost, it seems so many companies are making electronics now and charging a ridiculous amount, but as I said before, I was willing to pay this to escape the life of cat scooping (hopefully forever!). All have to do is add clean litter as needed, and empty the waste drawer when full and maybe give the globe a good wash once or twice a year with a hose. Our home definitely does NOT smell as bad as it used to.

Rating this machine today, I'd give it 10 out of 10 stars. It's already changed my life and the life of my beloved cats.

If you're a crazy cat lady, or just want to get out of cleaning litter boxes for a cat you love, just buy this. The company allows for payment plans too, so you really have no excuse to stay in the miserable world of cat shit scooping! I hope this company will donate refurbished units to shelters. They sure would appreciate that.

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