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Litter Box Training Kittens - 7 Tips For Litter Box Training Your Cat!

Updated on December 9, 2010

Did you know that One out of every four American families has a pet cat and some have more than one. However, If you don't have your very own cat to appreciate and love its eccentricities and incomparable behaviors...You should consider getting one! If you're an ailurophile (A cat lover), Visit my blog...

Facts About Cats and I'll introduce you to the interesting and likely unknown facts about cats and their behavior, lifecycle, senses, and habits.


Litter Training Your Kitten.

Believe it or not, kitties are not born acknowledging litter box protocol. So litter box training kittens is...Instruction for proper toilet manners [litter box] which precludes many headaches [and housecleaning bills]. Felines are really good imitators and merely imitate their mother’s conduct while they watch and follow her to the litter box. Just about all kittens will already understand what a litter box is for and how to use it before you take them home. But remember their only kittens and will need some loving direction from you.

However if you have the task to hand-raise an parentless, or adopt a kitty younger than 8 to 10 weeks old, as frequently takes place in shelter and rescue circumstances, you will want to do the job of the mother cat. Transitioning outside cats to an inside cat lifestyle likewise could mean re-training bathroom etiquette from using the flowers to aiming for the litter box.

Here are the fundamentals...To Litter Box Training Kittens:

Number One... Privacy does matter: Felines are by nature very clean animals and dislike eliminating wherever they sleep or eat. They as well value privacy while [ahem] doing their duty. Establish loyalty to the litter box by placing it correctly, in a low-traffic region away from the cat’s bed and food bowls.

Number Two... Extra chances: Tiny kittens have tiny bladders and do not have the physical capability to [hold it] long enough to run all the way across the house or downstairs. Supply a box on each floor of the house, This may seem silly...But trust me it's well worth the trouble.

Number Three...Big box, Small cat: A normal size commercial box might work well for elderly kittens. But it may be too big for small kittens to go in and out of. A throwaway baking tray or the lid to a cardboard shoebox functions quite well until their bigger. Once their older, merely put the familiar shoebox lid inside the [big boy] litter box to assist with the transition.

Number Four...kitten Litter Preferences: A assortment of cat box fillers is on hand, from simple clay to pine tree shots and reprocessed corn or corn crumbles. The perfect material sucks up moisture, holds in waste and smell, and most significant of all, accommodates the cat. A fragrant product that smells pleasant to you could in reality repel the kitten so select something neutral.

Another great help with litter box training kittens is using...Fine textures such as the [clumping] litters appear to be the cats preferred, particularly for those tiny kitty paws. A few of the wheat-type merchandises do a adequate job of clumping and are eatable should your kitten choose to taste the litter. Just about kittens won’t bother. Fill the box about an inch deep with the filler.



If you are trying to covert an outdoor kitten to an inside box, do some private eye work and follow him outside to discover his preferable substrate. Dusting a little  plain garden dirt, or a layer of grass or garden leaves over on top of the commercialized litter might assist giving them the idea of what you've in mind.

3 More Tips For... Litter Box Training Kittens:

Number Five...Instructing them to Copy-Cat: Kittens unaccustomed to your house will not acknowledge where the box is, even if they know what it’s for. Put the kitten onto the clean litter, and make scratching movements around with your fingers to encourage imitation. Even if they don't need to [go,] a clean box frequently entices them to dig a little, which will lead to the 1st deposit.

When litter box training kittens...Remember a little reward with verbal praise, a toy, or even a tasty treat can go a long way in helping them. Don’t pick your  kitty up out of the box. Allow him find his own way out of the box and the room, that way he’ll better recall how to return there the next time nature calls.

Number Six...Fragrant Reminders: For small kitties, when cleaning the box leave one recent deposit in the box after they've gone potty. The odor attracts them back to the correct location kind of like Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumbs, and prompts them what to do when they return. However remember to keep the box clean with fresh litter or the cat will avoid the dirty toilet and seek a better spot...Such as on your carpet.

Number Seven...Good Timing...This is important in litter box training...Until you’re certain the kitty consistently habits the box, make sure to schedule potty times. Kittens need to eliminate more frequently than adults. Take them for a pit stop after each nap, meal, and play time.

Instructing essential bathroom allegiance from the first sees to it that your kitten gets off on the right paw. It as well saves your carpet, and your sanity.


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