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Living With a German Shepherd

Updated on November 24, 2017

Living with the wonderful German Shepherd breed has its advantages and of course the disadvantages. The German Shepherd is currently the second most popular breed in America and rightfully so. If you are a responsible pet owner and meet the requirements these dogs they will make wonderful companions and I highly recommend them. Now understand this article is based on my experiences with my German Shepherd Kaiser. EVERY dog is different so don't expect a copy of kaiser's behavior for your dog(s).

My German Shepherd Kaiser getting a tasty drink

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First off German Shepherds have a bad image associated with them. Many would argue that German Shepherds are the most loving dog breed, however many people wouldn't care about that opinion, because they think the German shepherd looks scary. German Shepherds can be just as loving as a Labrador if not even more! The only downside to the German Shepherds affection is that they tend to be more of a one person dog. We are a foster family and The dog will protect the kids more than the adults. They aren't evil dogs who want to attack everyone, but if they are not properly trained they could develop aggressive behaviors. In this article I will do my best in discussing the positives and negatives in an unbiased fashion, Now there may be more negatives than positives however that does not mean these dogs are bad and unrewarding it just happens to mean they require more time, love, and commitment than other dog breeds.

Our Dogs laying together

The downsides of owning this breed

This article will be beginning with the bad rather than the good. Firstly they frequently bark and It happens to be ear-splitting loud. The other negative is the exercise this is only a problem if you cannot meet their physical requirements. Also they have massive emotional demands so restrict the time in the kennel since German Shepherds deserve better. Lastly they HAVE to be trained you do not want a dog with a enormously high prey drive untrained. In addition having to basically give away your money after all German Shepherd's are very unhealthy when it comes to diseases and genetic conditions. Once again a unfavorable concept happens to be the fur they shed a lot. So be prepared to have remains of the dog on your furniture. My final concern happens to be that they have an intense bite and it is simply just stronger than the majority of toys out there for dogs, which is why I recommend getting a kong chew toy since those toys won't break and the dogs absolutely love them especially when they are filled with a delicious treat. After all of the physical, emotional, and training requirements this breed is not ideal for beginners, elders, busy people, apartment living, and anyone who cannot meet the many demands of owning a German shepherd.

My Shepherd protecting my Lab

The benefits of the breed

You may have noticed that I have two dogs as seen from the photos. Normally German Shepherds are not good with other breeds of dogs, however as I have said training can help with how German Shepherds socialize with different pets and people. GSD's (German Shepherd dog) thankfully are eager to please their owners and can be trained tricks regardless of age. The fur on German Shepherd (besides making them look beautiful) make the dogs tolerant of cold and warm climates nonetheless that does not justify leaving any dog outside all day. German Shepherds are great guard/watch dogs. It is highly advised that they have a fenced in yard to explore. Kaiser will walk alongside the perimeter scouting the area for intruders, and she even will stand up at the window to verifiy nobody entered the fence. She also happens to chase squirrels and any critter that "trespassed" the fenced in yard. Good luck trying to keep them in the backyard off a leash, because of their high prey drive they love to explore which has conveniences and inconveniences in certain aspects. German Shepherds happen to be very entertaining and lively dogs along with their loving nature towards their owners.

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    • AliciaC profile image

      Linda Crampton 8 weeks ago from British Columbia, Canada

      I've never had a German Shepherd in my family or got to know one. Thanks for sharing the information about the breed and about Kaiser. The photos are interesting, especially the last one.

    • Liztalton profile image

      Liztalton 2 months ago from Washington

      I have a German Shepard and they are the best dog breed in the world! But with a lot of love and protectiveness comes a lot of shredding. Great article!