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Long Haired Peruvian Guinea Pigs

Updated on May 27, 2010
My Peruvian as a baby...
My Peruvian as a baby...

One of my favorite types of guinea pig is the long haired Peruvian. These guinea pigs have long silky fur that trails on the ground as they walk and makes them look a little like moving fluff balls. My own little Peruvian is a male who lives with his life mate, a white albino guinea pig who is also male. They do well together, but have not announced any plans to marry as of yet.

My own Peruvian long haired has a feisty temperament and often takes the lead when it comes to their guinea pig adventures. On the downside, he is not quite as calm and placid as the albino, though I hesitate to put these differences in character down to breed type.

How To Look After the Long Haired Guinea Pig

Unlike other long haired animals, like long haired bunnies, long haired guinea pigs are not too much harder to look after than their long haired companions. They should be brushed regularly with a comb to remove any tangles, and if their fur has somehow managed to become clumped and matted, these clumps should be cut out. If the fur is exceptionally long, then it is a good idea to clip the fur short so that it is not continuously trailing through dirt.

What To Feed the Long Haired Guinea Pig

As with all guinea pigs, hay should form the basis and indeed, bulk of the long haired Peruvian's diet. Hay contains many nutrients that keep a guinea pig healthy, nutrients which are not found in many commercial pellet diets. Hay should also be supplemented with a range of fruits and vegetables. If guinea pigs love anything, it is eating, and feeding them a range of fruits and vegetables including carrots, cauliflower, apples, broccoli and even little pieces of banana and kiwi fruit on occasion will keep them very happy to see you indeed.

Cages For Long Haired Guinea Pigs

As with all guinea pigs, a nice big enclosure that is kept clean and dry and stocked well with hay should keep your guinea pig very happy indeed. It is a good idea to visit your guinea pigs daily, and this is a good reason to keep them inside too (unlike other small mammals, guinea pigs don't really make unpleasant smells in their cages unless you allow them to become absolutely rancid, so they are good candidates for house pets.) If their enclosure does not give them enough room to run around properly, you should consider letting them out to play each and every day. Exercise is also very important for guinea pigs, fat and overweight guinea pigs can be just as miserable as overweight people.


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      Piggy 6 years ago

      Thank you for sharing your knolege of long haired guinea pigs now I will be able to spoil my piggy even more :)

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      beth 6 years ago

      thx that really helped me my piggy will now be well pampered

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      silly starfish 6 years ago

      i screw u

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