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Bird Watching for Everyone

Updated on February 27, 2019
Tricia Deed profile image

Changing seasons bring a variety of local and migratory birds to Tricia Deed's backyard which allows her do bird watching with ease.

Birds in Flight

Seagulls in Flight
Seagulls in Flight | Source

Backyard Birds

This is a hobby which is very inexpensive and fun. It is a dual hobby in that you can enjoy your favorite outdoor travel destinations and do your bird watching. The change of geographical sites will determine the types of birds to be enjoyed. .

Carry a pair of binoculars, a note pad, and a pencil or pen to take notes. Bring a pocket camera for photo opportunities.

As a beginner you may want to start in your backyard. In my backyard I have observed the Florida Blue Jay, Owls, Robins, Buzzards, Woodpecker, Humming Birds, Blue Jays, Florida Cranes, the Red Tail Hawk, Wild turkeys, and other brown and black birds which I need to learn how to identify.

The Florida Crane is a rather amusing bird. It seemingly squawks to introduce its arrival or departure. Many times while I am gardening they will walk about two feet from me and observe my activity. Watching their mating dance is entertaining.

Should you discover that you enjoy this type of hobby it will wake up your curiosity to investigate the name of the bird, its species, colors, migration patterns, and behavior quirks.

Bird Watching in Action

A group of people learning how to or gaining bird watching tips from the experienced.
A group of people learning how to or gaining bird watching tips from the experienced. | Source

Bird Watching Benefits

Bird watching as a hobby is found to be fascinating by observers of this outdoor activity. Nearly 50 to 75 million people worldwide find this hobby to be enjoyable and inexpensive. This activity opens up a world of recreation, leisure, exercise, socializing, and utilizing other hobbies in combination with this activity. All age groups can enjoy this hobby.

  1. Enjoyment of outdoor weather
  2. Exercise by walking, running, or jogging
  3. Photography opportunities of birds and other interests
  4. Note taking for writing an article or a book
  5. Pursue a career as an ornithologist
  6. Traveling around the world to pursue studying different species of birds

Feather Markings

The markings on this feather indicates a peacock.
The markings on this feather indicates a peacock. | Source

Bird Watching Field Guide

Learn to identify birds by their beak, wings, markings from head to tail, color, and song. Carry a notebook to maintain a personal birdwatching journal along with a birdwatching field guide to help identify birds. Three additional pieces of equipment include a pair of birdwatching binoculars, audio equipment to record bird songs, and a camera.

We all can identify the songs of chickens, owls, crows, and turkeys, just to name a few. The audio equipment is to capture the songs of unfamiliar birds or your favorite song birds.

There are hundreds of field guides to choose from. You may want to visit your local library or the Internet to see which field guide is best for you. These guides are available in book stores, department stores, online, and hobby shops.

The Flamingo

The familiar pink Flamingo.
The familiar pink Flamingo. | Source

Bird Watching Hobby is Mystery Solving

Do you like a good mystery?

Birding offers you the wherewithal to be a detective.

  1. Are you able to identify this bird by its markings?
  2. Can you recognize the song of the individual bird?
  3. Do you know the size and its shape?
  4. How does it fly? What is its flying pattern?
  5. Where does it hide?
  6. Does this bird fly, hop, run, or a combination?
  7. When does the bird sing?
  8. What is its mating ritual?

The mystery of a flamingo is why is it pink?

Flamingos are born with the color gray. As they eat their local cuisine of crustaceans, algae, and aquatic plants the byproduct carotenoid found in protein is responsible for the pink color which is admired. This is the same protein which colors the meat of the salmon.

If you have an inquiring and inquisitive mind you will enjoy birding.

Bird Watching Apparel Tips

  1. Wear clothing which will be both comfortable and functional. There is no need for special attire.
  2. Light weight and non-restrictive clothing is great. Wear new clothing only after being laundered a few times and wear tested for comfort.
  3. You may wish to wear cargo pants with pockets for carrying your notebook and field guide. Belt loops can hold other types of tools which you like to have with you. There are special vests made for bird watchers designed for their needs. Or carry a backpack or a bag.
  4. Shoes should offer support and fit the needs of where you will be walking.

Backyard Feeder

Black bird enjoying the fruit of the day.
Black bird enjoying the fruit of the day. | Source

Bird Species

As a bird enthusiast you may wish to broaden your experiences by visiting other types of habitats other than your current neighborhood. There are approximately 764 species of birds in the United States. Enjoy viewing through your binoculars rare to common species of these animals of flight.

There are thousands of species of birds worldwide. If you pursued this hobby for a lifetime you would never be able to actually see all of these species. New species of birds are constantly happening which offers more distractions or subspecies.

Birds can be drawn into your backyard by placing bird feeders or favorite foods of birds that you would like to attract. Consider millet, peanuts, bird seeds purchased from pet suppliers, corn, and fruit. Research your local library, department of fish and wildlife, local bird sanctuaries, the Audubon Society, state parks, and bird watching clubs in your locale for food suggestions.

Bald Eagle Nest

Two bald eagles overlooking their nest.
Two bald eagles overlooking their nest. | Source

Birding Locations

  1. Personal home yards
  2. Bird baths and bird houses
  3. Pet stores
  4. Local zoo
  5. Bird Sanctuaries
  6. National parks and wildlife locations
  7. Worldwide vacation locations

Sandhill Cranes Dancing - Mating Dance and Calls

Bird Alert

Do you enjoy watching birds?

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