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Love Paul? Pet Octopus Information

Updated on May 3, 2011

Paul the Octopus is Cute!

Ok for those of you who do not know who Paul the Octopus is, he is the German Octopus who was predicting the Soccer World Cup Winners in 2010. Now I love Paul, so I did a little research on Pet Octopuses (yes, the plural is indeed Octopuses). So here goes-


  1. Octopuses look cool. Some can change color.
  2. They are wicked smart. They can escape through the smallest holes and have been known to disassemble equipment.
  3. You can teach them tricks!
  4. They have great personalities.


  1. There is no such thing as a fresh water Octopus. I initially thought of getting a smaller freshwater species that would be easier to keep in a freshwater aquarium but boy, did I feel like an Idiot!
  2. There are many different species and some like the Blue Ring Octopus are poisonous.
  3. Some of the biggest Octopuses can grow more than 20 feet. (not really a con, just a fact)
  4. They require a lot of expensive and complicated equipment and keeping a salt water aquarium requires utmost dedication and willingness to acquire requisite knowledge.
  5. Octopuses have very short lifespans. They only live for a couple of years.


If you have the money and you are a dedicated hobbyist, then you could consider getting one. Whereas, if you are known to lose interest in a variety of things and have a store-room full of yoga mats, karate belts, empty birdcages and old goldfish bowls, then you should look elsewhere, buddy!

Video Goodness!


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