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Love Your Dog? How Much? Know Your Dog Stroke Symptoms

Updated on September 10, 2009

Love Your Dog? How Much? Know Your Dog Stroke Symptoms

Everyone loves their dog...okay...most people love their dog.  It would probably torture you to think that your dog can get very ill, but I am sorry to say it is possible.  A common problem with dogs is the infamous dog stroke.  Many owners worry that this may happen to their dogs.  Therefore if you are worried it would be good for you to acknowledge a few of the dog stroke symptoms.  So, right now I will write out a few of them for you.

Here is a list of dog stroke symptoms.

  • If for one second your dog is playful and the next second it is mean as ever, this should be a sign.  Notice that a change in behavior is related to dog stroke symptoms.
  • Your dog may start going to the washroom at unexpected times.  If you think your dog has no control over his or her excretions, this may be a sign of a previous stroke.
  • You will notice that your dog's head will start to drift over to one side.  This will tell you your dog experienced a stroke.
  • If you dog starts bumping into things, it may tell you something.  You dog could be blind and is another indicator of a stroke.
  • Does your dog look sad?  Depression can also mean that the dog has had a stroke.
  • Try calling your dogs name.  If he or she turns the opposite way from which he or she was called, this indicates a dog stroke symptom.
  • It may seem very weird, but you dog will start to eat from one half of the dish you serve his or her food in.
  • If it looks like your dog is drunk this is a problem. The loss of balance indicates a sign of dog stroke.
  • If your dog looks as if it does not know where it is, you should attribute it to a stroke.

This was a short list of dog stroke symptoms.  If you notice them happening to your dog, it would be wise for you to take it to the vet immediately.  Noticing dog stroke symptoms can prevent your dog from biting the big one too early.  I hope this helps you and your dog out.


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