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Love birds Mr and Mrs Griffins

Updated on February 26, 2013

Our peach faced love birds were given to us with the huge cage. it was chosen to come to the best home as we previously had other birds. We named the two; Mr; and Mrs Griffins we he was shown that he were madly in love with Mrs. Griffins.

We new straight away which was the male and which the female was. Mr. Griffins was the active one and would show off by hanging upside down in the cage to impress her and also would feed her whilst hanging in that position. Every time we approached the cage she would rush in and he would follow quickly. This pair was sure suited the name Mr and Mrs. Griffins

Mr Griffins was the boss he would call her, kiss her and snug together when sleeping. He would follow her around everywhere in the cage...and impress her without fail and hang upside down for her and she would reach her hand and they would be seen kissing.

One morning to my surprise the pair were at it, he was having sex and was on top of her...

They did not mind me taking a video and photos of them of course l was so excited to think that they would lay eggs and have babies.

As their cage was so dirty, one summer morning l took it outside and took the bottom tray out to clean it. I forgot to put the tray back in, later in the evening my husband was checking up on them and realised that one was not in the cage! I told him that his dad must have left the cage door opened. My son checked and said that the bird had escaped through the tiny hole where the bottom tray was missing. We were upset so was Mr. Griffins, he was jumping around hanging upside down but Mrs Griffins was not to be found. Poor Mr. Griffins had not one to feed, to kiss and cuddle - research on the peach faced bird say that they can die if lonely.

My son said that he was going to find another partner for Mr. Griffins, but l said that he might kill the new one if he does not like her beside you cannot tell the sex of birds. Anyways, he came home the next day with a small cage with what looked like a budgie!

l questioned him following him around and that it was a budgie and he told me that the woman who he bought the bird from was a lovebird. I argued that it was not the same colour this was had a white face with an orange band. After carefully looking at the bird and realizing that it was a lovebird but a different breed. We introduced Mr. Griffins his new partner.

Every day l put out bird seeds and the same cage in the garden. I sit with the camera looking at neighbours trees but no sign of Mrs Griffins. We even put Mr Griffins outside in his cage in the hope that Mrs Griffins might hear his call but no luck.

To be cont/ in next hub Mrs Griffins and his new partner;


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    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 5 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      Voted beautiful. Will be waiting to read the next part.