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Love is adoptable, the life of a rescue dog

Updated on October 15, 2015

Rescue dogs choose you, let's face it, we all know someone that falls in love with a dog online. You're all excited to meet the dog and he/she just doesn't quite mesh with you. Scotty is our rescue dog and he didn't like anyone before he met us, I can't say that I blame him. If you were dropped off on the side of the road in the middle of February by your so called "owners", would you like anyone? We first saw Scotty online and fell in love with his face, he looked so sweet that we just had to meet him. We made the 2 hour trek to the shelter only to be met with hesitation "errrr, you want to meet Scotty ? ummm" . You see, Scotty wasn't really a people dog, he either liked you or he didn't and if he didn't he showed it. He walked right up to my boyfriend and I, gave me a slurpy kiss on the face & just took to us right away. We knew he was the perfect dog for us.

Rescues aren't for everyone though, they need a little extra tlc depending on their previous life experience and some end up having issues with kids, dogs or people. Scotty took a long time before he would accept a new person in our house, if you were a female you were in luck! Scotty is the ladies man with social issues, sound familiar? We adopted him on Oct. 10, 2012 and three years later he has come so far it is worthy of a "2 paws up". I strongly encourage everyone to adopt when thinking of getting a dog, however, if you want the cookie cutter lab that never barks or growls at people, a rescue might not be the best choice for you. Having had both a purebred and a rescue, I can say that neither one is better than another. They both have their own attributes but the look of love in their eyes when they realize they're being adopted is priceless.

Give a rescue dog a chance, there is nothing quite like unconditional love from a dog.

Would you adopt a rescue dog?

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    • Scotty Cujo profile image

      Nikki 2 years ago from Worcester, MA

      Thanks ezzly, I wish more people would adopt and realize that rescues make awesome pets , there are so many that need a second chance and a good home. We would definitely adopt another one if our dog wouldn't be so jealous of the addition.

    • ezzly profile image

      ezzly 2 years ago

      Thank you for this beautiful hub, I had a few adoptee pets of my own as a child. I often wonder why more people don't adopt pets!

    • Scotty Cujo profile image

      Nikki 2 years ago from Worcester, MA

      Thanks Bruce, I've always loved big dogs too , I agree sometimes a rescue dog just isn't going to work out but I'm glad they were able to keep the other dog :)

    • Bru Swan profile image

      Bruce Swanson 2 years ago from Beverly

      Very nice, I am a big dog lover myself and I have a couple friends that took in a rescue dog. One was a problem and didn't work out but the other has turned out to be just totally awesome. Nice read.

    • Scotty Cujo profile image

      Nikki 2 years ago from Worcester, MA

      Thanks, I had been wondering about this being easily searched online , I will play around with the pics, great idea for the captions, thanks for your input :)

    • factfactnomi profile image

      Fact Fact no Mi 2 years ago from Novi Sad, Serbia

      I like him :D Anyway, I think this hub will be having a hard getting searched on the internet. You should have put all these pictures to the right side of the text and caption pictures like "this is his first day with us"... Also, do you have a video of him? Putting the video at the end would be make this hub even better :) (you can delete the comment later if you want)

    • Scotty Cujo profile image

      Nikki 2 years ago from Worcester, MA

      Thanks Chantelle , Scotty was very fearful when we first adopted him too, it helped when we had people meet him slowly , we'd have them come in the house , sit down , he'd sniff them and usually would be ok , the more we did that the better he got and was able to accept that It's ok if someone comes over , he still will bark but he likes the attention from visitors , best of luck to your sister ! What kind of dog did she get ?

    • Chantelle Porter profile image

      Chantelle Porter 2 years ago from Chicago

      He look like such a sweetie. My sister recently took in a rescue and she is a wonderful dog. The only problem is she is terrified of everyone. Very fearful. I hope it doesn't take too long to love her back to health.