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Low Country Animal Rescue: Pawsotively Man's Best Friend

Updated on June 19, 2014

Bogey Could Use A Bacall

On a recent warm afternoon, much excited barking could be heard coming from numerous crates containing small breed dogs at a "adoptathon" held in front of Petco in North Charleston.

Among his fellow canines, one small Chihuahua/Italian Greyhound, named Bogey, waited calmly for someone to notice that he, in fact, was not barking.

Bogey, a handsome 4/5-year-old male, was rescued by the volunteers from LowCountry Animal Rescue, and according to Director Joy Davis, was found in a horrific hoarding situation where many of the dogs around him were already deceased.

This blonde, bashful and very quiet dog with the soulful eyes has been in the LowCountry Animal Rescue program for almost a year patiently waiting for his forever home.

Bogey likes to stay close to those he is comfortable with, and perhaps "Shadow" might be a more appropriate moniker as he moves when you move, leans against your legs, listens intently, obeys commands, and exudes such a soothing aura that one finds themselves stopping, relaxing and enjoying his calmness.

Observing his surroundings with gentle eyes, it seems that Bogey has acquired a wisdom beyond his dog years, and seems confident that on this day he too might be adopted and taken into the loving embrace of a forever home.

LowCountry Animal Rescue, founded in 2001, operates solely on the kindness of volunteers, including navy weapon specialists, foster families, and is funded by donations and fundraisers. The organization operates a 24/7, daily, year-round commitment to rescuing animals, including cats, ferrets and birds, and with no offices, the animals live with their foster families up to their adoption.

Joy advises "This is supposed to be a lifetime commitment. The biggest suggestion I can make is to please always have your animal sprayed/neutered and microchipped, and leave the breeding to responsible professionals. With more than 100 animals in our care, we work closely with approved rescue partners, such as Petco, PetSmart, and Pet Supplies Plus to have our adoptions at their stores. We also work closely with local veterinarians, and can confirm that all of our animals have received full medical attention."

If interested in adopting an animal, becoming a volunteer or foster family, or to make a donation, as the organization is always in need of gently used linens, towels, leashes, collars, cleaning supplies and even medications, you can contact LowCountry Animal Rescue at, or call 843-821-3175. The web site offers photos and information on the animals in their care, as well as upcoming adoption dates and locations, usually held on Saturdays, from 12 noon to 5 p.m., with more than 30 animals to choose from.

As for Bogey - well, he will have to continue to patiently wait for his forever family to find him.


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    • ECasey profile image

      Eileen Casey 3 years ago from Mt. Pleasant, SC

      Thanks for your is a great organization that is doing some terrific work...

    • clairemy profile image

      Claire 3 years ago

      Sounds like a wonderful organisation, wish I lived near!