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Low Shedding Dogs

Updated on May 3, 2012
 Low Shedding Dogs
Low Shedding Dogs | Source

Low Shedding Dog Breeds

Low shedding dogs are often referred to as dogs that don’t shed or non shedding dog breeds. These terms are used to refer to certain dog breeds that shed little since there are no such dog breeds that don’t shed at all. The list of low shedding dogs will often shed fur or hair during certain times of the year and more particular they shed hair during winter. All dogs shed hair but the more often if you give your dog a bath, you will rarely notice if your dog sheds. Low shedding dogs that are well groomed make the ideal pet for your family. While low shedding dogs are the most sought after dogs for adoption, it important you take good care of your dog for you to minimize the shedding. You can also stop dog shedding all together if you have a dog breed that is amongst those breeds that shed the most

Low Shedding Dogs are Good Pets for Allergic Kids

When selecting a pet for your kids you have a wide range of factors that you should consider. One such factor is the ability of the dog breed to get along with kids. Parents searching for pets to adopt often ask people in dog shelters ‘Is this dog breed good with kids?’ There are several considerations that come to play if a dog will be considered to be good with kids. More importantly, low shedding dogs qualify highly as good family pets or dogs that are good with children.

Reasons of Selecting Low Shedding Dogs as Family Pets

One major reason why many parents want to keep pets is entirely because of their kids. Many children will ask their parents to buy them dogs since they are lovely. It is in this light that parents are obliged to provide their children with pets that will not harm them. Another problem that may constantly be encountered when children are with pets is dog aggression. Dog aggression is a serious problem and parents should ensure that their choice for a dog that does not have aggression towards children is a priority.

A second consideration is the amount of dog shedding. It is important to realize that children are seriously allergic to dog fur and are likelier, to have serious allergic reactions with dog hair especially if they have genetic predisposition to this kind of dog allergies. The option of low shedding dogs for adoption as family pets becomes inevitable. The beauty of low shedding dogs is the facts that they are many breeds that are both large and small breeds that do not shed.

Low Shedding Dogs are Saves you Time

One of the seriously challenging things about dog ownership is accumulation of dander. You should either go for a dog that have low dander or figure out a way to eliminate pet dander in the house. A dog classified as one of the breeds that shed the most will require more time for grooming as well as washing or vacuuming the house. It is therefore important that people with little time to spend at home select low shedding dogs since they will be ideal for this kind of lifestyle. It really does not matter if you love a certain dog breed than other breeds what is important here is looking for a dog that will keep you happy, healthy and give you and your family great companionship without having to spend too much.

Low Shedding Dogs Suddenly Increase Shedding

There are times when you have adopted one of the dogs that don’t shed and you notice one day a sudden increase in the shedding. It is a surprising phenomenon to see a low shedding dog breed increase shedding. You should consider a wide range of factors but the most notorious causes of sudden increase in dog shedding are related to diet and the health of your dog. I would like to suggest that dogs with increased shedding should be examined for dog mange since one signs of mange attack is increased shedding. This is the most probable cause of the low shedding dogs to shed.


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