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Luxury Cat Toys, Collars, Beds & Bedding, For Beautiful And Exquisite Felines

Updated on January 3, 2014

Luxury Diamond Cat Collar

Cats collars, bedding, and cat toys are the ultimate fashion statement for felines. Cats and their owners can have an exclusive understanding which cannot compare to anything else.

The admiration and trust built up between a person and their beloved cat cannot be summed up with words alone.

Cats have been the perfect companion for lucky people around the globe, who lavish love and attention on them. The cat is loving and loyal, returning their love in many different ways to which the owner is only privy to.

Fashion is so important to cats, they have sentimental and judgemental feelings and are extremely proud of themselves. Cats similar to their owners, hold themselves in high regard, and very deservedly so.

Cats Style

Style is an important factor for the cat about town. It is their distinct collar and demeanor which gets them recognised and draws admiration from all. Similar to a top model, these dutiful cats need their exclusive clothing as their trademark.

Cats have the closest soul to a human than any other animal, and show it with their prowess in all endeavours. Your cat deserves the best, he or she will be by your side comforting you when you are down, and listening to your tales of woe with a heartfelt compassion.

Susan Lanci Cat Collar

This suave yet under priced Susan Lanci cat collar is a gorgeous accessory for the cat about town. Designed for a higher profile, this exquisite neck piece is a perfect gift for cats who have everything. Made in the USA with genuine Ultrasuede for that extra comfortable fit and versatility.

Two elaborate rows of real Swarovski crystals adorn this magnificent cat collar. To fit neck sizes of 9 - 10 1/2 inches and is available for a short time in Red, Black, and Soft Pink. Weighing a slight 3.2 ounces to assure a smooth transition from their current collar allowing a simple yet elegant looking collar which is extremely light.

Click on the image for more information, varieties and close up views.

Golden Heart Collar

This adorable golden cat collar charm represents a picture of love. The heart motif is symbolised with an additional symbol of peace incorporated.

These prestigious looking collars are durable yet flexible and will ensure that your cat stands out above the rest. This high quality imitation leather collar is decorated with lovely rhinestone which will remain attached permanently.

Exquisite Gifts For Cats

Regal Crown Collar Charm

This gorgeous and very distinctive charm for a cats collar ensures a regal approach for the pampered pet. Securely posted from the USA with instant tracking and a full returns policy, this semi rare fashion statement will be the talk of the cat world.

It will never rust, change color, or even chip. Made with very high quality rhinestones to a superb finish.

This unique piece of costume jewelry is rare enough that the chances of seeing another one of its kind are millions to one. Cats bling is exceptionally important as is a persons bling and dressing up for an occasion.

This type of luxury cat collars are exquisite and will only be adorned by the hottest and most popular cats on Earth.

Cats Bedding

The exquisite range of cats ( or even small dogs ) beds, cushions or baskets are extensive. Quality is tantamount as is the fashion statement of some of these unique and gorgeous pussy beds.

Designed to impress all viewers, these beds make excellent gifts for cats for Christmas, birthdays, thanksgiving, or for any other occasion.

Please click on the image to see the full selection and larger images

Luxury cat beds indicate a very much loved cat with proud parents. Even intellectual cats have been known to react more regally to their surroundings when they have a lovely cat nap area of their own.

These cat beds are perfectly unique and quite rare in homes across the globe. They ooze regal status for any pampered pet.

Cat Toys and Scratching Posts

All cats love to climb and scratch. Scratching is the cats alternative to receiving a pedicure. Scratching posts are designed to assist the cat with sharpening and honing their claws and a a necessity for felines. This very large and extremely unique 6 feet tall cat scratching post is the talk of the town.

Included are the usual yet more distinctive scratching posts, a lovely hideaway with a napping cushion and another full view napping area. A small swing toy on top to entertain the cat whilst in a playful mood. This penultimate cat scratching post come play area is a fantastic choice.

Please click on the smaller image to view full selection, current prices and offers.


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