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Meet My Dog Zeus

Updated on January 30, 2011

Woof Woof

Full breed Australian Cattle Dog
Full breed Australian Cattle Dog
Pit Bull Mix with Australian Cattle Dog
Pit Bull Mix with Australian Cattle Dog
The Zeus-Myster
The Zeus-Myster

From a Guest to Family:

This is Zeus! "The dog that came to dinner and never left"

One day my son and his girlfriend brought this dog over my house for a visit, the next thing I knew my son had broke up with his girlfriend that same day and he pack up the dog and came back home without asking or telling me that the dog was his; Zeus was now an official part of my household.

Zeus is a mix breed dog, he's a mixture of Pit-bull and Australian Cattle Dog.

What are Australian Cattle Dog:

According to Wikipedia these dogs are a breed of herding dogs originally developed in Australia for droving cattle over long distance across rough terrain.

These dogs are highly Intelligent and Athletic, loyal and protective, Loving and playful, they are Robust breed with a life span of 12 to 14 years, they have high endurance level, easy dogs to groom and maintain, not aggressive dogs, and they responds well to training. These dogs are good to work as therapy or assistance dog.

I am not a big animal lover but somehow I was always con by my kids into having a couple different animal in my household as they were growing up. After years of experiencing life with animals and all the care that went into taking care of them, I decided there will be no more animals coming into my home. My children wanted animals but not the responsibilities that come with the upkeep of said animals, therefore the responsibility was automatically impose on me as caretaker both financially and physically, this was a job that I did not apply for nor was prepared for.

Over the years there were dog, cat, birds and fish that took up resident in my home at one time or another, and their is a story behind each one of them, I'll give you a very brief synapses of each of them: The first animal to enter my home was the cat, my middle son Gary was recovering from a really bad motor vehicle accident and one day I came home and to my surprise what did I see Oh yes my son was sitting on the floor holding a baby kitten in his arms and of course it went without saying I could not refuse this boy his wish of keeping him especially with him being sick. The cat with us until she start having litters, after the second litter she had to go, then there was the dog: this belong to my youngest son Andrew, he was about 7 years old when the neighbor across the street was giving away some puppies and of course he had to have one again I let my self be coned into taking in this puppy, this dog stayed with us the longest and I loved him. during the coming years Andrew got birds that flew the coupe or died and fish that did died. This was where I had have enough and I put my foot down and said "NO MORE ANIMALS" I am done.

To see after many years of animal free living for me to re-adjust to having another animal in my home was a bit overwhelming and hard to take but my son manipulated me by using the dog. No matter how much I told him to keep the dog out of my way and over his section of the house it was not to be so because at every opportunity there was Zeus in my face up close and personal, my son was counting on Zeus to win my affection and needless to say he did.

Zeus is a very endearing dog, you can't help but to get attach or to love him. I have never met a dog like him before, he keeps me laughing with the things he does, he's very friendly and loving and he loves to snuggle next to you or with you. Zeus is not too big but he is very tall in length, he is 11 months old and weighs approximate 70-80lbs, he's a well adjusted dog, he's well muscled, sturdy and Robust, powerful in strength but gentle nature. You can feel the power in Zeus's tail, it is super strong and when he wags the tail it's like a heavy duty whip that will give you a good whipping, his tail is like a weapon, I have never know a dog to pack so much strength in his tail, that thing hurts when he whip it against you in passing. He has a excellent temperament with kids, adults and other dogs although he can become aggressive with other dogs when provoked. Zeus is very energetic and loves to play he will give you a run for your money so to speak, he is the perfect work out partner because he has a lot of stamina, If Zeus was a man he would be a very handsome tall hunk of a man with a great physique and fully fit, floating around a tight 6 pack abs (smile).He would be like a well built body builder.

Man's Best Friend:

Zeus has a very sensitive spirit or nature about him and he's a very protective and loyal dog e.g one day I was not feeling well and I had been crying when Zeus came into the room, he look at me and began to jump up on me, licking my hands, putting his head in my lap with his face towards me looking me straight in the eyes as he took a deep breath and remain silent for a moment after which he began to whimper as if to say "I know you are not feeling well but I am here", he did everything he could think of to get me out of my funk and I felt he cared, for a dog to be able to convey that type of emotions to a person I think it's amazing. Zeus has a very distinct way of walking, he carries his self very gracefully for a dog, he reminds me of the Lion In the :Lion King" movie, big strong; graceful and proud. When he is walking his back end has a slight curve and he twitches from side to side he looks very boastful and I find that hilarious to watch.

My son know how to take care of Zeus and he does it very well, he dotes on this dog and treat him like he was his child and that is very encouraging to watch because it shows me that my son will be a good father when he has kids. Zeus has been very good for my son in many other respect, it's like there is a healing effect that is transferred from this dog unto the person he's around and he brings out the best in a person because he makes them feel comfortable although they are apprehensive at first. I do not think that it was an accident or a coincident that this particular dog is in our lives at this time and the more I get to know this dog I am glad to have him as part of my household. Zeus goes every where my son goes, he is a constant shadow of my son, he do not leave my son's side and if he does when he stroll around the house he do not stay out of my son's presence for long unless my son is not in the house then he will snug up around you.This is my story on Zeus and it was a pleasure to write, there is so much more to say about this dog but time do not allow me to say it all, i hope I have hit the highlights and you can get a vivid picture of this unique and loving dog - The "Zeus myster" as I lovingly like to refer to him.


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    • profile image

      leegal 7 years ago

      i know zues , and he is very playful and loving dog,every thing said about him is so true. the tail thing its so tue i have gotten hit by it when he wags it , it hurts.zues is like a kid i love to see him play with my nephew and my son.