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MEOW. I Want More Food

Updated on February 29, 2016

I'll Meow Until My Owner Gives Me More Food

I have a female cat named Gracie. I adopted her at a cat foster home. She sleeps with me on the bed all night. When we get up in the morning around 7:00, I give Gracie about 3/4 cup of Kit Kaboodle. She tears it up within minutes, and is left with no food in her bowl. Later in the morning, she starts meowing until I give in and give her some more food. Gracie sleeps off and on throughout the day, but when she's awake she drives me nuts. She wants outside, so I let her out, then 5 or 10 minutes later she wants back in the house. The minute I let her back in she goes right to her food dish and tears up whatever is left in her dish. She is in and out several times, and does the same thing each time she comes in the house. Gracie can't make up her mind whether she wants outside or in the house. I get so frustrated, that I wonder if I should leave her outside all morning. I just don't know what to do. Her behavior is driving me crazy.

Gracie Is A Great Companion

Don't get me wrong. I love my little Gracie. She's a great companion for me, and she is very affectionate. When I'm sitting in my chair, watching TV, Gracie gets up on my lap, wanting me to pet her. That's what I love most about her.

This morning I got up and fed Gracie, then went online to find out what other hubbers have to say about feeding their cats. I learned quite a lot from reading their comments in the forum. Several of the writers said that dry cat food with fillers, such as corn and rice, leave the cat feeling hungry, shortly after eating. Most feel that wet/canned food is more satisfying to their cats. I then looked at a few websites to see what they had to say about grain free cat food. Veterinarians believe that this food is much better for animals than the food you buy in the grocery store. After reading these articles, I now believe that Gracie's problem is due to the food I've been giving her.

Hungry Cat Eyeing Fish In Tank


I recently purchased a 16 pound bag of Kit Kaboodle at Walmart. After reading these articles about cat food, I decided to take it back to Walmart. They didn't have any cat food with no grains added. I went over to PetSource and checked out the cat food. I found some with the name "Taste Of The Wild." It is without grains, and comes in both dry and cans. I bought some of both. I have mixed it with half Kit Kaboodle, so Gracie won't have stomach problems. She has vomited a little, which I guess can be expected. She seems to like the new food. I'm just hoping that she won't eat as much and maybe lose some weight.


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    • LonelyMan62 profile image

      Mark Walter 21 months ago from Ontario, Oregon

      I know. But I'm hoping Gracie will eat less, now that I have her on a grain free cat food. I got her about 3 months ago from a foster home. I should get her in to see a veterinarian, to find out why Gracie is eating so much. I would like to get her down to smaller portions like your cat. Thank you for your comment.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 21 months ago from Home Sweet Home

      Your Gracie is living a good life, I feed my cat 3 times a day, only one scoop if cat biscuits each time, the scoop I used us baby formula milk scoop. Imagine how small is the portion?