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Updated on April 29, 2016

A Letter to My Daughter & Granddaughter

I believe Mocha was your first luxury and pleasure as a new homeowner. He was a sweet, not so gentle (not in an unkind way) manifestation of love, loyalty and joy. He was of gentle heart but his size and passion for this newly formed pack could not be restrained. When he was happy, he couldn't hide it and he wanted you to know it. If you're happy and you know it, wag your tail. In Mocha's case his wagging wasn't confined to just the tail. How could you not love Mocha, he was loyal and loving without judgment and I might add without restraint.

He wasn't without flaws. This was proven in part when he failed obedience training. I think you spent more time in the bird aisle than the actual training room of the store. He was also selfish in sharing any space next to you. When Sarge would visit, he in a his best gentle way, would do his best to be the one closest to you. Sarge was allowed in, but needed to be kept at a distance. There wouldn't be any misdirected attention in his home. To my knowledge he caused no harm to anyone but did have one offense of a more than occasional cross bark. He guarded his home, his yard, his sidewalk. Let's face it, the whole street! He was your guardian and let everyone know it. So, it could be said he was a giant with a gentle heart full of love and loyalty spoken with a loud bark and the misconception that he qualified as lap dog.

Find comfort to know his time was graced with the things that loving dogs should have: car rides; healthy food; comfy blanket; bones from the butcher, chew toys or in his case well chewed toys; a Christmas stocking; the hugs and beds of his best friends (yaah, that bed part didn't work so well at my house); and let's not forget peanut butter. And for all that he was given, he returned much more -unconditional love. He was your companion (and your shadow) when you needed one - even if you thought you didn't. He had a strong need to find you, always wanting to know where you were and that you were okay.

In his last moments he didn't have worry about where you were. He died with his head in your hands as you rubbed his ears. He didn't have to search for you. He knew you both were right there, one snuggled at his back and one holding his head and looking into his eyes. He also knew you both would be ok because you had the strength and love to make a difficult decision. You gave him the gift of falling asleep before cancer would cause any more undeserved pain.

He died as he lived - in the comfort of your love.



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