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My Miniature Schnauzer Has Trained Me Well

Updated on March 22, 2014
mary615 profile image

Mary enjoys writing about her miniature schnauzer, Baby. Baby is queen of the house. She is a wonderful companion and pet.

Our Miniature Schnauzer Puppy, Baby

My Miniature Schnauzer, Baby at 8 weeks of age.
My Miniature Schnauzer, Baby at 8 weeks of age. | Source

My Granddaughter Welcomes Baby


My Miniature Schnauzer, Baby

Baby Learns To Beg


Queen of Our House

I'd just like to tell you how my MiniatureSchnauzer trains me:

This little dog, Baby, is indeed the Queen of our house. I know that the books tell you that the owner of the dog should always be the Master. From the first moment Baby came into our lives, it was soon well known by the family and our friends that Baby would be the Master here.

She seemed to know from the start that she was a very special dog. It is unusual for a Schnauzer to be pure white in color. They are usually charcoal black or black. She just seemed to know she was "different" from other dogs of her breed. She is AKC registered, and she could have been a show dog , but we just wanted her as a pet.

She is a playful, beautiful 14lb. white Miniature Schnauzer, and very loving (when she wants to be). Everyone thinks their dog is special, and I'm no different. I've had lots of dogs in my life, but Baby is my all time favorite. Baby is very independent. She reminds me of a cat. She only jumps on my lap and seeks affection when SHE feels like it.

She not a "morning" dog. Baby likes to be left alone until she is fully awake. Since she naps all morning, she is never in a playful mood until the afternoon.

She is constantly training me. I used to be a very impatient person; very controlling, you might say. Baby has taught me to be more patient. She is an independent thinker. If she wants to do something, like learn a new trick, she will learn the trick IF and WHEN pleases her. Once she learns a trick or a behavior, she's like an elephant: she never forgets! It took me a long time to teach her to "beg". I think she thought it was beneath her to have to beg for anything. Now whenever she sees anyone eating, she goes right into her "beg" position. She knows she is irresistible when she does this.

Baby Could Have Been a Showdog

This is Baby, my Miniature Schnauzer
This is Baby, my Miniature Schnauzer | Source

I have tried to train Baby the way the books teach, so I would have a perfect dog. I wasted a lot of time before I realized that dogs are like people. They have their own distinct personalities. They are supposed to do things to please their owners, but Baby does things to please Baby! There are traits common to certain breeds, but Baby doesn't fit the mold.

Baby's Favorite Sleeping Place

This is Baby's favorite place to take her nap.
This is Baby's favorite place to take her nap. | Source

Schnauzers are supposed to be "lap dogs", content to lounge around on their owner's laps and sleep. Baby's favorite place to sleep and to nap in on the back of our couch. I'd like for her to sleep with me, but she prefers to sleep alone. The only time she comes into my bed is when she doesn't feel well, and she wants "a tummy rub"

Baby Is Groomed Every 4 Weeks

In our research before getting a Schnauzer, we found that they don't shed. Since we have allergies in our family to dogs, we thought a Miniature Schnauzer would be perfect. What I didn't know at the time was that Baby would have to go a professional groomer every four weeks to keep her beautiful white coat trimmed. Her hair grows very fast. I can't afford to have my hair done as often as Baby does. When the hair gets too long between her toes, she tries to pull it out with her teeth.

So, she has taught me that grooming her hair is more important than having my hair cut.

After A Visit To The Dog Groomer

This is Baby right after she was bathed and groomed.
This is Baby right after she was bathed and groomed. | Source

Baby Has Trained Me To Enjoy The Water

I have never been fond of the water, and I avoid getting into the pool. I'd rather watch everyone from the safety of the edge of the pool.

Baby loves to float in the raft, so I go into the water just to please her!

Baby On The Raft

My Miniature Schnauzer enjoys floating around the pool on the raft.
My Miniature Schnauzer enjoys floating around the pool on the raft. | Source
Baby is waiting for me to throw her ball so she can play fetch.
Baby is waiting for me to throw her ball so she can play fetch. | Source

Ways Baby Has Trained Me

I can thank Baby for teaching me to be a more patient person. It's taken a lot of patience to teach her the tricks she knows. She begs, dances, jumps through a hoop, runs through her tunnel, and rolls over.

Baby has trained me to get out into the fresh air and sunshine by insisting she wants to play ball in the afternoon. So, we go out into the yard and play to make her happy. Her favorite game is "fetch". This requires me to get some important exercise.

Because she likes to take walks, I now walk about a mile every day. I never walked before. So, she has trained me to get out of the house and walk. We walk slowly and enjoy the scenery, listen to the birds, and stop and say hello to people passing by. When another dog walks by , she greets them and tries to make friends. That gives me the opportunity to chat with the owner.

She has trained me to take better care of my health. I am in the "autumn of my life" , and I would probably just sit around the house and watch TV. Because of Baby, my blood pressure is now normal. My doctor agrees that having a dog lowers a person's blood pressure. I recently discovered that having a dog also lowers ones cholesterol.

Baby has trained me in many ways: She has taught me to be more patient, kinder, compassionate, and thankful to have a little dog like Baby to enrich my life.

Baby Says Hi To Everyone!

My beautiful spoiled Miniature Schnauzer, Baby
My beautiful spoiled Miniature Schnauzer, Baby | Source

Do You Like Miniature Schnauzers?

Do You Like Miniature Schnauzers?

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Not my Baby, but sure looks like her!

© 2011 Mary Hyatt


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