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The Story of My Cat

Updated on May 6, 2015

The Story of My Cat


The Story of My Cat Page Summary:

  • My Beginnings at the Trailer Park
  • My Sister and I Under the Trailer
  • Finally Rescued!
  • Being Moved Again
  • Present day

Me Under a Trailer


My Beginnings at the Trailer Park

I was born at a trailer park on July 20 2005 (approx.) in the great outdoors, my mother was one of the many a stray cats in that area. At the start of life I spent my days with my brothers, and sisters huddled together for warmth, feeding and sleeping, sleeping and feeding. Everything in live for me was starting out great.

Then one day, my mother, perhaps sensing danger decided to move us. First one of my sisters was moved, and then it was my turn. We were both relocated under one of the trailers. My mother drop me off, and then ran off to bring another of my brothers or sisters to safety. Sadly it was the last time I would ever see her, or the rest of my siblings

My Sister and I


My Sister and I Under the Trailer

Hours passed during the day, I was starting to get dark. My sister and I had been left all alone. We didn't know what to do, so we both started crying. Crying from being hungry, from being scared, and separated from our mother. It was getting darker still, and my sister and I both took turns, calling out for our mother when we had the strength to do so. The night had passed it was starting to get light out again, my sister and I were still at a lost of what to do.

Fortunately, all the crying we've been doing must have alerted someone from the trailer. He came out, and decided to crawl underneath to find out what was making all that noise. He found my sister right away, and decided to bring her in. Wait! What about me, where are you going, I'm here too! Don't leave! I don't want to be alone. I was so tired, scared, exhausted, and I didn't have the strength to move, or to cry out, to get noticed. He left, and didn't return to come and get me.

Hours passed, in what seemed like days. I was growing even more weaker from hunger. I resolved to cry out for help again, I cried, and I cried till my mouth was rasp, and I could not cry out anymore. More hours passed, and it was growing dark outside once more. As I lay there alone for the first time in my live, I felt a grip of fear, and helplessness pass over me. I gathered what was left of my strength, and even my mouth was rasp I cried out some more. I did this for some time, till finally! I heard a familiar sound. Someone was approaching. Could it be! Was it mother? No, it was the owner of the trailer again, would he rescue me? Would I be reunited with my family?

Me Playing Outside


Finally Rescued!

I had been finally rescued. The owner had found me under the trailer, and brought me in. Over the course of several days I was nursed back to health. Both my sister, and I had reunited. We were both starting to get accustomed to our new lives at the trailer park. One day, after several months in the trailer everything was going to changed again. What's going on? Why is everyone packing up boxes? Are we moving? We are moving! Back into town, but just my new adopted father and I. My sister will remain at the trailer park,where we were both rescued.

My newly adopted father and I moved in to our new place in town. The place was much smaller than the trailer park, and the outside was smaller still. I didn't have as much room to play outside, but my father would allow me to play outside as long has I would like. I would also get to see my sister from time to time when she would come by to visit.

The months went by, and I was adapting, once again to my new surroundings, and developing a daily routine. On day I woke up to find my food bowl empty. This never happens, there must be some mistake, my father always has some food ready for me in my bowl. He must have forgotten, where is he? What! Still asleep at this time. I'll have to go wake him up. Wake up father! Wake up! It's time for my din din. I tried everything to wake him up, but my father never did wake up. I had lost yet another member of my family.

Me Sleeping


Being Moved Again

I had just turned one year old, and had lost many members of my family, I had been separated from my sister, and now being displaced again. This time I was to be relocated to an apartment building. The apartment was even smaller than my last place, and it didn't have a yard for me to frolic in. My newest family/ roommate, it turns out is the son of the man that had rescued me at the trailer park.

I could tell right away that he wasn't accustomed to having pets like me, and I had a suspicious feeling that my current dwellings was only going to be temporarily. My new room mate wasn't at home a lot the first few days, but when he was he would make sure I had enough food and water. When he was home, he would leave me to my own devices. Days went by, and I would greet him in the morning, and when he got back from work. He would be gone for long hours at a time, and I being lonely, and afraid to be left alone again would sometimes sit at the door waiting, and crying till he came back.

Days, now turned into months, and I was still unsure of my future in this place. When my room mate was home, I would occasionally jump into his lap to be petted, and comforted for a while, but still uneasy of all that had happen I would quickly leave. One day when I had jumped into his lap again to be petted, I began to feel more at ease with my new room mate, so I began to purr. To my surprise as I laid down my head I drifted off to sleep. I had finally felt comfortable enough to trust my new room mate to fall asleep in his lap.

Many months went after that day, and wonderful things where starting to happen between my room mate and I. My new room mate would come home just as happy to see me as I would him. He would come back from work, and occasionally surprised me with toys, and to my delight he even started to put me on a leash and bring me outside to play.

Present day

Coming up on July 20 2015, I will be celebrating my tenth birthday. My days are spent greeting my new friend at the door. He still occasionally brings me toys, and I still get taken out for walks. During the winter months when its to cold for me to go outside, he sneaks me into the hallways late at night, so I can get my exercise. He sometimes gets into trouble for doing this, but says that he doesn't care, I am too important to not get my walks.

I hoped you enjoyed my story so far, I had a bit of a rough start in live, but now have found a great owner who has given me plenty of love.

The Story of My Cat

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