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Magnificent Horses and Ponies

Updated on March 14, 2017

Horses And Ponies l

Horses and ponies are wonderful and magnificent creatures. They like being stroked, and when one talks to them softly, they seem to understand every word. Sometimes, they nuzzle your cheek, or nibble the buttons of your jersey playfully. Some horses and ponies have big hearts. On some days, when they fasten their eyes upon you, they’ll utter a heart-warming whinny to greet you.

A Pony

Buying The Right Horse

  • Spending time with horses and ponies can be very therapeutic and rewarding.
  • Horses live for 25-30 years.
  • There are many horse riding schools where one can learn to ride.
  • It’s the ideal hobby for an adult, or a child, and it’s a great way to get some exercise.
  • Some horses like to kick or bite you, if they have not been trained.
  • Usually, whenever they pull their ears back, they’re thinking of biting.
  • Most horses are even tempered, and a joy to ride.

A Arab Horse

Looking After Your Horse

  • If you live on a homestead, then buying a horse or a pony is a good idea
  • Horses and ponies have hooves.
  • A good blacksmith can put shoes on a horse’s hooves.
  • Their hooves must be properly looked after. It’s of the utmost importance.
  • There must be harmony between the horse and its rider.
  • Your voice is one of the best aids you have in handling your horse.
  • Horses are sensitive to the tone of a person’s voice.
  • When you approach them in the field, call out its name a couple of times, and if it comes to you, give it a titbit on the flat of your hand.
  • Stables should be thoroughly cleaned out on a regular basis.
  • It should also be disinfected with a good disinfectant.
  • A stable is an excellent shelter for them.

A Well Cared For Horse

Grooming Is Important

  • All horses and ponies eat grass.
  • They also eat barley, oats, maize, hay, and lucerne, and they need a salt lick, which is very important. Apples should be quartered and carrots should be cut lengthways.
  • Always make sure that they have sufficient fresh water to drink.
  • If you want to ride your horse, then you’ll need a saddle and a bridle in good condition. If you ride on a regular basis, and spend some time stroking your horse or pony, and talking to it in a soothing tone of voice, then you will start to bond with it.
  • When you want to groom your horse, you’ll need the following items :
  • A hoof pick, for cleaning out the hooves, a body brush, and a dandy brush, and a metal curry comb, for cleaning the body brush.
  • Grooming your horse or pony is also a great opportunity for a bonding session. All horses should be treated with kindness and compassion.
  • Be gentle, but also be firm when firmness is required. If a horse or pony feels loved, then it will most definitely feel content.
  • Did you know that horses can actually sleep while lying down or while standing up.
  • Horses use facial expressions to convey their feelings, and they also use their eyes, nostrils, and ears to fully express their state of mind.
  • Horses have better sense of hearing and smell than humans. Their ears can actually turn in different directions to help them to listen.

Learning To Mount

Shetland Ponies Are Small But Strong

Ponies have thicker tails and manes than horses. Their legs are also proportionally shorter. They are well trained and are good for children who are learning to ride. A child will never forget his or her first ride on a pony. Shetland ponies are small and strong. They’re so sturdy, and they’re great for riding. Having a special friendship with a horse or a pony is an amazing experience, and going for daily rides on a horse is good exercise for you and the horse.


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