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Make a Difference this Mother's Day, Support PETA

Updated on June 23, 2011

I joined PETA because of my son.

I am asking you to do something really special for your mother and mothers everywhere this Mothers Day. Add your voice to those who are already outraged at the treatment of animals who are trained to perform for our entertainment. Who could possibly ever have known how cruel and inhumane these industries treat the animals.

In my first article about PETA, I brought the fur trade to your attention. in my second it was Paul McCartney bringing attention to the cruelty in slaughter houses. My most recent hubs about Hugs actually brought to light some more animal cruelty under the ruse of protecting and preserving species through wild game preserves that double as zoos and circuses. Ironically it has been motion pictures made for pure entertainment, that we watched, that should have given us clues. I am sure we all thought the same thing, "it's only a movie." Now I get this e-mail from PETA.

PETA's Have a Heart for Elephants campaign

The E-mail from PETA

Dear Faye,

 Mother's Day (May 9) is just over a week away, but for elephant mothers and babies who have been separated from each other byRingling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus , there is nothing to celebrate.

At Ringling, baby elephants are torn away from their mothers when they are just infants and are then forced into submission by being tied down, electro-shocked, and beaten with bullhooks . In the wild, male elephants stay with their mothers until adolescence, and females remain with their mothers for their entire lives. Ringling's forced separations of baby elephants from their mothers are unnatural and extremely traumatic for these intelligent animals. 

You can help mother elephants who have had their babies stolen from them by Ringling. Send a message  to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and remind the agency that no mom should be alone on Mother's Day. 

Send your message by printing out our Mother's Day greeting card  and mailing it to the USDA today! You can also send your message via e-mail using our short online form .

With Mother's Day right around the corner, we are all reminded of the bonds that exist between mother and child, regardless of species. Please take action  for elephant mothers and their babies this Mother's Day! 


Pulin Modi
Action Team Manager
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

P.S. Connect with us on Facebook

  or follow us on Twitter .

Don't Lie to Me

Really Have a Heart

As a kid we did not really get to the circus, but I have taken my kids to see these shows. I remember this one Elephant that was so sweet. It actually looked as if it was smiling. It was the happiest elephant I have every seen performing. I had to go back and see her over and over again. I loved her trainer too, he was brilliant!

This particular circus was free with admission to our local South Florida Fair, and in the years that followed it was a frequent stop when we returned each year, as was the live Tiger show. These shows have been replaced with other similar shows, and I do not know what happened to the original ones.

What I have learned is this. That happy elephant was likely crazy. A friend of mine worked closely with circus elephants each year at his car dealership. When I told him how the elephant would shake her head and raise her foot he told me that she was insane. I thought he was crazy, let me tell you. He told me to look it up, but I never did.

What I saw today proved to me that he was right. In one of the many PETA investigation videos I watched today, there was an elephant that was exhibiting the rocking and swaying behavior I saw in the "happy circus elephant" from long ago. In the report the elephant was singled out as crazy and dangerous, just as my friend had told me years ago.

These are not nearly as graphic as the videos in my other PETA hubs, but these represent some days in the life of performing Elephants. I will follow those with videos of working elephants so that you can see there is a right way to handle them, and that they are intelligent animals, who like to work, and do not mind being trained. The cruelty is unnecessary to train these animals.

Top 10 Cool things Ringling Bros does for their Elephants

Elephants at work in India

There are obvious differences between the worker elephant of India and the one of the Circus. First and foremost is that the worker elephants get to maintain their family ties, while the circus elephants are separated from family. The differences do not stop there.

You will notice no bull hook to get these elephants to work, not chains to make them stay in line, and no ropes controlling their footsteps, or forcing them into awkward positions. These elephants that are workers, are treated with respect and kindness. They know what is required of them because they have been properly trained.

Ask a child who has been abused why they were beaten, and they will tell you it is because they did something wrong, but asking them what they did wrong will generally get the answer "I don't know." or "I made my (mother/father/etc) angry." That is how it appears to the child, that you are angry; that is how abuse appears, must appear to these animals, as if there is something wrong with you. 

When you watch the circus abuse videos, there is much talk of making the elephant scream. The idea is that if you make it scream while training, then it will fear you on "the road" or in public. The trainers do not want to get caught making the elephant scream in public. 

I am sorry that there are not more videos here, but hearing them scream broke my heart. You can find more videos through the PETA e-mail links.

Working Elephant gets a Bath

Helping Mothers and Others

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If you need help with something else, like coping, or writing, please feel free to contact me as well. Just click on the Contact Faybe Bay link on the right. There is no charge attached to this service, I like helping people.

Have a Great Day, if you like my writing please rate up, share or comment below. Thanks!


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    • Faybe Bay profile imageAUTHOR

      Faye Constantino 

      8 years ago from Florida

      Thank you DustinsMom, I know how important it is that we preserve our wild animals, and we have been lied to about that preservation, by these circuses.

    • DustinsMom profile image


      8 years ago from USA

      It is sad to think about how some animals are treated. It breaks my heart. Thank you for talking about this and raising awareness.

    • Faybe Bay profile imageAUTHOR

      Faye Constantino 

      8 years ago from Florida

      Absolutely, and write about it. The pen is mightier than the sword, and so much mightier than the dollar with the Internet! Write about it and bring it to the attention of as many people as possible.

      Thank you for reading, Paradise!

    • Paradise7 profile image


      8 years ago from Upstate New York

      That's so sick, what they do to elephants. Elephants are wonderful creatures. I never knew, or I would never in my life have bought a circus ticket or gone to the circus. The best way to defeat these people is to boycott their shows and make it unprofitable to continue, and to mistreat these animals.


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