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Making Your Home Totally Friendly To Your Dog

Updated on September 23, 2015

Some Good Tips To Make The Job Easier!

A bed of his own, with some extra padding for total comfort.
A bed of his own, with some extra padding for total comfort.

Help Your Dog Enjoy The Easy Life

Pets, particularly dogs, have become increasingly important in today's society. Many childless couples devote themselves all out to their dogs, regarding them pretty much as parents view their children. No amount of money spent is regarded as frivilous or unimportant to the welfare of their "kids."

They go to great lengths to assure the comfort of their lovable companions, some designing their homes almost completely around their dog's comfort. Although much of what they do makes good sense, it can go to extremes.

Without being fanatical about it, the average family, parents with kids, can adopt some of the comfort amenities used by the overboard folks. For example:

FLOORING--The dog's footing is very important. Of course, carpets afford the surest, safest footing for a dog. But puppies and even some adult dogs that are not totally housebroken present a constant hazard to nice clean, socially acceptable carpets. So, many pet lovers opt for some sort of textured tile floor, such as clay tile or slate or terra cotta, which are able to offer non-slip footing to dogs, as well as people. Don't make the mistake of selecting attractively designed but very slippery ceramics.

FURNITURE--Most folks want to consider a reasonable compromise between a dog-comfortable situation and a practical decorator appearance in their home. Is it possible? You bet it is, with stain and soil-resistant fabics for your couch and chairs. Such choices will assure a pet friendly, worry-free home life along with a decor you can be proud of for your guests.

PET BEDS--It goes without saying that a majority of dog owners, no matter how much they love their best friends, do not want them to be bed partners. So, what to do? Every dog should have a cozy, comfortable bed of his own, a place where he can cuddle up and drop off to sleep or simply go to for a mid-day nap. Just make sure that whatever type of bed you select is completely washable.

MISCELLANEOUS--Where puppies are concerned, think as you would if you had a toddler, a curious individual wandering around the house discovering new things all the time. Keeping your dog from noseying into your cabinets requires some sort of child proof safety locks. Install them on all, yes, ALL, your floor level cabinets. Be especially careful of where you store medications and cleaning agents. Use suitable puppy gates to keep your dog out of or confined to certain rooms.

Finally, don't forget that the garage is part of your house, a part that can present numerous hazardous materials to pets wandering around in there as you're tinkering just outside in the garden. One of the most dangerous things in most garages is anti-freeze, it tastes sweet and is particularly alluring to dogs. Store it in tightly sealed containers, up high, well out of reach of curious canines.

A few sources of help in creating your dog friendly house include:



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    • grousepup profile image

      grousepup 9 years ago from South Salem

      Thanks a lot, Mary. I appreciate your comment, as well as the good added tips.


    • Mary Tinkler profile image

      Mary Tinkler 9 years ago from Gresham

      Good article. As one of those fanatics I also keep my yard chemical free. And I do not use plastic feeding and watering bowls. Stainless steel is best, and wash them often. Dog also like a little whole food/enzymes in their diet, so the old adage about not feeding dogs people food is not quite true. A half a raw carrot or the broccoli stems I trim off....things like that help balance the digestive system. And they like it!