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Maltichon Hybrid Dogs

Updated on July 20, 2012

Physical Description

The Maltichon is one of the small sized, pure white dog types with medium to longer hair in a single coat. The coat of this hybrid canine, a cross between a Maltese and a Bichon Frise, is somewhat wavy to slightly curly in appearance if left long and natural. They may weigh up to 10 pounds but typically tops out at closer to 8 pounds when fully mature. The face of the Maltichon is very well defined with a tapered muzzle, dark nose, lips and eyes and longer, pendant ears. There is longer, profuse hair that grows on the forehead and the ears with many owners putting the hair up in a topknot to prevent irritation to the eyes.

The body of the Maltichon is solid and strong, typically longer than the dog is tall. They are not a delicate or fragile dog and their shorter legs are well developed and strong. The tail tends to curl up over the back either in a tight or more gentle curl but it is typically very well fringed.

The Maltichon loves to be outdoors and does best when he or she gets a couple of routine outdoor walks per day. They can do well in an apartment and will self-exercise indoors between walks and playtimes outside.


As most of the smaller sized hybrid breeds, the Maltichon makes an excellent family dog that has a loving and playful temperament all through his or her life. They tend to get along well with other pets and dogs, kids and the elderly, provided they are well socialized and obedience trained. If these dogs are isolated or left untrained, they can become snappy and aggressive, especially when they are protecting their owners.

There dogs do well with children however they do need to be carefully supervised with kids as they are so small as puppies. Children need to learn not to tease or roughhouse with these dogs just as with any other companion breed of dog.

The Maltichon can be difficult to housetrain because of the small size of the puppy, however they are very intelligent dogs. They can learn to do an amazing number of tricks and love to please their owners. They are also true lap dogs and need to be close to their owners on a daily basis.

Grooming and General Care

The coat of the Maltichon doesn't need the daily care that the Maltese does, however grooming a few times as a week is important to prevent the fine hairs from tangling. They are low to minimal shedders and have very little dander, making them a potential hybrid dog for a home with allergy sufferers.

Some Maltichon dogs, just like both parent breeds, may be finicky eaters and should be started on a good quality premium kibble as opposed to a canned food diet. They may also have early tooth loss and problems with tartar on the teeth so a good, routine dental hygiene program is important as well. Chew toys and dental bones can really help prevent any problems with the teeth as the puppy matures.

Clubs and Registries: ACHC, DRA, ICA, UABR, APRI, CKC

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