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The Law of Attraction in Action - Manifesting My New Dog

Updated on February 3, 2011

The Law of Attraction in Action - Manifesting My New Dog

It had been a year since our family dog Buddy passed over and just a few weeks since I’d lost my cat Mangey to cancer. I’d been feeling their losses moreso than usual, so sat out by their memorial rocks in the garden and asked their spirits and angels to find, choose and send along an appropriate pooch when the timing was right - preferably sooner rather than later as we all sorely missed having a dog around the farm.

That night as I lay drifting off to sleep, I thought about having another dog join the family and wondered when it would arrive and what its name would be.

The name ‘Marley’ came through loud and clear and I related it to the Bob Marley CD I’d been listening to earlier in the day whilst painting the house. ‘Marley’ - I like it!

I didn’t give it another thought that day or the next and didn’t make mention of it to anyone as I’d pretty much forgotten about it in the context of the day’s dealings.

My husband Steve came home from running errands in town the next day, and called me into our shed/office. Once there he dragged me abruptly inside and pointed excitedly to the floor, saying “Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!” “Here’s your birthday present! Her name is Marley!”

Time stood still and I was rooted to the spot for what seemed like an eon with my mouth hanging open and eyes wide, looking from Steve to the dog and back again.

There at my feet, looking up at me with a big grin, sat my new dog ‘Marley’ - a 2 and a half year old Red Heeler x German Shepherd with the most beautiful face and markings and gentle, loving eyes. Her personality is a match all round aswell.

That explained the ‘Marley’ message I’d received a couple of nights back ..!

As it turned out, round about the time I was sitting in the garden asking the Universe for the appropriate dog to appear two days prior, Steve was at the RSPCA being shown the available dogs - unbeknownst to me … (he was supposed to be out getting car parts!)

Marley stood out as though she could be the only choice, and he just knew that she was ‘the one’. She’d been named ‘Marley’ by her previous owners when she was just a pup, and two and a half years later ‘Marley’ has come to live with us - and she is most welcome to stay.

What a wonderful Birthday present, and one I’ll treasure for many years to come thanks to Steve, the Universe, Buddy and Mange, the angels, and of course Marley.

Joanne            Body and Soul - Mind and Spirit


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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Wow...amazing is truly crazy how some things work out in is my first day to actually start listening to the universe to see if it is trying to lead me to my life path...even if it's all crazy talk...I believe and sometimes thats all you need to do good in happy...even if the belief is not real...just the thought of it can bring good things into your life...set you on your souls purpose...anyways thank you for sharing and I wish the best for you and your family...and after all these years that everything in your lives are going well for you still after Marley became a part of your family!!!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      PsychicJoanne: Thank you for sharing this lovely example of the law of attraction. The red heeler/German shepherd mix produces an unimaginably gorgeous dog both in appearance and in temperament.

      Voted up, awesome, beautiful.

      Kind regards, Stessily

    • profile image


      9 years ago


      She's turned out to be a great dog and I couldn't imagine being without her now.

      She was most definitely meant to be here with us ...

    • KenWu profile image


      9 years ago from Malaysia

      Congratulations for finding a new pet and thanks for sharing your experience. Marley, a great name for her!


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