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Purple Martin House Video 6

Updated on March 2, 2016

European Starlings, White Crowned & White Throated Sparrows, Purple Martins

European Starling

Around the 4 minute mark, two European Starlings arrive. One lands on the roof, the other enters the house at the top right. After a couple seconds, the European Starling in the house emerges from the hole, head held high.

White Crowned & White Throated Sparrows

Sparrows have taken over in this video. Sparrows duck for cover once the European Starlings arrive. They go around telling the other sparrows, trying to decide what their next move is. Around the 4 minute 50 second mark, four sparrows collide at the bottom center of the house. A couple seconds later, one appears to emerge as the victor. A white crowned sparrow. The white throated sparrow does not take too kindly and comes back, getting into a wrestling match with another. The two sparrows fall from the house and the two that remain are both white crowned sparrows, one with the chest out and head held high. Other sparrows now watch as a purple martin flies in on the left side and kicks out another sparrow. The two on the top center look hilarious as they are watching what happens. Then, two more martins arrive. The sparrows are not sure what to do. They worry about getting kicked out of the house by the martins and starlings. Where do we sleep tonight? Now, the sparrows begin to play with one another. Wrestling.

Purple Martins

Around the 5 minute 3 second mark, a male Purple Martin arrives on the left side of the house, kicking out a sparrow. Two more martins arrive.

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This video was from May 6, 2014


I recommended a bird house below from Amazon that has Starling-resistant holes. Not sure if they work or not. I like building my own. However, the baby Martins will sometimes fall out of the homemade one you see in the video above.

Also, make sure you have an antenna on the Martin House, otherwise you won't get reception. That's some advice from my Dad, which he received from someone else.


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