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Massage - Benefits for Your Elderly Dog

Updated on December 27, 2011

Massage is a common means employed by professionals to help people relax. It can also be a therapeutic tool to help relax, calm and ease the pain of your elderly canine. Massage is an adaptation of various massage techniques. The most common type used is Swedish Massage. Other popular types include Eastern or Asian Massage e.g. Acupressure.

It is important that you realize that massage is more than a form of petting. While it may be an ultimate tool of puppy heaven, it acts to help you and your elderly dog in several ways. Massage can:

  • Help you locate any early indications of problems. Probing fingers can find any bumps or lumps that are residing just below the surface. Casual petting can easily miss these indications of possible cancerous problems.
  • If you canine companion has arthritis or hip dysplasia, massage can help him or her on those difficult days. Massage can help soothe away some of the stiffness and soreness making body movement more smooth.
  • Following surgery, therapeutic or medical massage can help with the recovery of your elderly dog. Decreased quality of life has always been an issue with senior dogs following surgery. Applying massage properly can help your dog recover more quickly allowing him or her to enjoy life once again.

You can help improve and even lengthen the life of your dog by feeding them the right diet, exercising properly and including massage. Many physical old age issues can be reduced through a regular massage treatment. Massage helps your dog by improving the overall circulation of blood and lymph. Through utilizing proper massage techniques, you eliminate spasms, reduce tension and address other related issues, therefore improving joint and muscle function. At the same time, massage acts to stimulate the dog’s nerves.

The overall combined effects of massage therapy decreases pain and increases your dog’s mobility. During the process, you deepen the connection with your favorite canine. In massage, you are an integral part of the healing equation. Your dog will come to recognize what you are doing and even why.

If you are interested in learning more about the different ways to massage your dog – elderly or not, you might want to consider checking out, The Healing Touch. It is writtenby veterinarian and animal psychologist, Michael W. Fox a pioneer in the field. This credible and respected work is not the only information available. Look online to locate other sites on the topic. If you are uncertain, talk to your vet. He or she may be able to direct you to the services of a professional veterinarian massage therapist. Finding the right method that works for both you and your beloved canine might well extend your enjoyable life together.


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