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Mealworm Farming

Updated on September 9, 2015

What animals eat Mealworms?

Before you start farming mealworms you need to have something to eat them, otherwise you will quickly be swimming in beetles and mealworms. So what type of animals eat mealworms? Well, most reptiles, such as, bearded dragons,and leopard geckos, do and some mammals, like the flying squirrel, do as well (there are more but these are just examples). But if you have some type of pet and don't know if it will eat them or not just look up all that it can eat on the internet or call a vet that specializes in your pet.

Starting your Mealworm Farm

Starting out, all you need is 50 large mealworms to start the farm (any number will do), 3 containers, and food. So take a container and fill it with about 1/2-1 inches of oatmeal and then slice up some potatoes and but them in the container (this is where they get their moisture). Then put your mealworms in the container and there you're done! Very simple. But you have to watch the mealworms because they will go into their pupa stage in witch I like to move them into my second container, and when they change again I move the beetles into the third container (also filled with 1/2-1 inches of oatmeal). You do not need 3 containers if you don't want to, 2 will work just fine.

The life cycle of a mealworm
The life cycle of a mealworm

Mealworm life cycle

There are four life stages of a Mealworm, the egg, the larvae, the pupa, and the adult. It takes around 3 months for the mealworms life cycle to start over and the females start laying eggs. Although depending on the temperature and humidity it can go by quicker. The larvae stage is what we would recognize as the mealworm, I let it get to full size before I feed them to my Bearded Dragon, its just wasteful if they're smaller. And if you need to store some for later than you can put them into a container and stick them in the freezer and they go into a hibernating state and don't really grow at all.


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