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Meet Our New Puppy, Charlie the Cavapoo

Updated on March 6, 2012

We are buying a puppy

I just couldn't think of anything to buy for my Mag's at Christmas. We have all the gadgets and stuff, she must have been sick to death of the perfume that I usually buy her. Just what do you get the woman that has everything?

It's about three years ago now that our last dog “Benji " died and it broke my Mag's heart. He was a beautiful Bichon Frise, only five years old and full of life. He had survived a tumour when he was just three but the bugger came back with a vengeance.

You can see photos of Benji when he came camping with us on some of my other Hubs. He hated camping (too many strange noises during the night) and just couldn't wait to get home.

Mags set about the Internet immediately and after about three weeks of searching every Kennel, Rescue and Classified ad sites, she found a lovely lady selling Cavapoos. She had done her research and fell in love with the breed, well actually cross breed and arranged to buy one.

A lady had let the breeder down, pulling out of buying the last pup in the litter and so we arranged to have a look at the weekend. Unfortunately for us, on the Friday night we received a text message saying the dog had been sold.

Mags were devastated but the breeder said she had another litter due in a month and that we could have the first pick. It was a long month but finally on the 9th December our little Charlie was born.

Now... I have never had a puppy before so this will be a very interesting learning experience for me. I plan to write regular updates on how Charlie is progressing and how he affects our lives. So if you want to know how we get on, then you will have to keep coming back.

The One that Got Away.
The One that Got Away.

Seven Weeks and Counting

That’s how long we had to wait till Charlie could come home with us. The breeder kept in touch with us by sending regular photographs and phone calls. Mags had been doing plenty of shopping; in fact she bought most of the stuff needed from Amazon. We decided that Charlie would be better suited in a crate, as we do have to go to work and we didn't want to come home to pee and poo everywhere. We have since realised that Dogs never soil their own beds so we needn't have worried.

Then we had to buy a travelling crate for the car and she has also bought a crate for when we go camping. Toys, bowls, leads and collars, bed blankets, towels, pet insurance and finally puppy toilet training pads. I just had no idea of the stuff you needed for keeping a Dog, now all we needed is the Dog himself.

Our Charlie at one week old
Our Charlie at one week old
Our Charlie at three weeks old
Our Charlie at three weeks old

Charlie is a Cavapoo

So what is a Cavapoo (or if you’re Australian, a Cavoodle). He is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. In our Charlie's case, a miniature Poodle, so he will not grow much more than 10 inches in height. They can come in many varied colours, from solid black to pure white and even tri-colour. Our Charlie is golden.

Cavapoos are considered to be very lovable dogs that love human friendship; they are intelligent and easy to train. They are very good around children and people in general, including strangers, so don't think that they will wake you up if you are being burgled. They will probably be playing with the robber as he fills his bags.

They are essentially indoor dogs. You will not have to go on five mile hikes up mountains to tire a Cavapoo, they don't particularly do well outside because of their size and they really do need to be around people.

If you are looking for a small, cute, lovable and easy to manage pet. Then just maybe a Cavapoo is the pet for you. You can find much more incise information by doing a search of the Internet. There are a lot of brilliant pet websites.

The Homecoming

At last the day as come to bring Charlie home. His siblings had all left the breeders the week before but we felt that another week with his mother would be best. We had read that separating them to early could lead to behaviour problems later.

The breeder gave us a blanket that Charlie and his mother had been using and one free months Pet Insurance. Mags gently placed Charlie into his new travelling crate and locked it in place using the seatbelts. It was only a 45 minute drive home and he cried most of the way.

He was warily sniffing and poking his nose into every nook and cranny when we got him home, after all it's a completely new world to him. He seemed to settle in really well and even went willingly to sleep in his crate. Young puppies sleep a lot.

My first observations are:

  • He is very cautious. He will sit on his haunches and watch and wait before exploring a strange object or place.
  • His claws and teeth are like sharp needles. They are very sharp and they do hurt.
  • He loves sitting at your feet and needs to be near you.
  • He is very easy to train and will respond to nearly anything you ask him to do as long as you have a treat ready to give him.
  • He will chew anything and everything. We have already lost a mobile phone charger.
  • He responds much better to passive correction rather than a lot of shouting and screaming. All puppies make mistakes but they are quick learners.
  • He has a mad ten minute spurt of running around silly but then will fall asleep for an hour.
  • He does not like the cold.
  • If he starts to circle and sniff the ground, then it is a sure sign that he needs a poo. Place him on the training pad immediately and give him a treat for being a good boy.
  • He is a lot quieter than I expected. He has not found his voice yet.

So that tells you a little about the run up to our new adventure. Check back to see regular updates on how Charlie is doing.

Charlie and his Bear
Charlie and his Bear


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    • profile image


      15 months ago

      I loved reading about your new puppy, Charlie. He looks absolutely adorable. I had my little Lhasa paso for 17 years and I miss her so much.

      We are going to get another puppy and Charlie looks exactly what we're looking for. We are going on holiday for two months, Jan and Feb 2018, so we are going to wait until we get back.

      Love ❤️ to Charlie. X

    • pe555 profile imageAUTHOR

      Peter Donnelly 

      6 years ago from UK

      Thanks for the comment yoebaree, He really is a good dog. I will be writing about his first month with us very soon. It has been quite eventful.

    • yoebaree profile image

      Hunor Barabás 

      6 years ago from Romania

      It's so cute! I'm so excited about following the story of this little puppy growing up! Great hub!


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