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Meet my blue parrot - Byrd

Updated on September 4, 2009
Byrd starting to get his black ring around his neck. He is approx 1 and a half years old.
Byrd starting to get his black ring around his neck. He is approx 1 and a half years old.

I got my first bird, or should I say parrot approx 2 years ago. I can say that I never thought of myself as a bird person. But now would be lost without my little guy!

Its funny, I cant believe how attached I am to a bird!

I bought him when he was only a few weeks old and he looked very scruffy. It took 2 years for his markings to fully show. Now at 2 and a bit years he still surprises me with his antics and I catch myself asking "maybe he really understands what he is saying" nahhh.... cant be..

The first few months he spent quite a lot of the time trying to get away from me. As his wings were cut when I bought him, he couldn’t fly. I later learnt that he seemed to be afraid of flying, (perhaps from too many bad crashing experiences?) so I encouraged him by gently dropping him on to the couch and he learnt (as his wings were slowly growing back) to glide himself down.

I let his wings fully develop back to normal. I couldn’t ever cut his wings. Seems too cruel for a bird to not be able to fly. I can hear you say, "He'll fly away". Well he has 3 times and luckily I have gotten him back. But I will tell you about that another time.

Now I call him my little stalker. I cant go anywhere without him wanting to be by my side. I can hear him squawk as I drive up the driveway when I come home from work. My husband says he knows its me and goes crazy. Some days when his out of his cage he flies over to the door to meet me with "love you manda". My husband taught him that. Its one of the first things he learnt to say. Heres the video.....


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