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Meet the Adorable Scottish Terrier Dog Breed (The Monopoly Dog!)

Updated on January 26, 2014

This Hub Page is dedicated to Sadie...winner of the 2010 Westminster Dog Show!

Originating in Scotland, the Scottish Terrier is an adorable little dog with a big personality! Originally bred to hunt and control vermin (such as rats and badgers), this spunky, little canine is a wonderful, loyal companion. The Scottish Terrier is ten to eleven inches in height, weighs eighteen to twenty-two pounds and lives approximately eleven to thirteen years. They come in several colors including black (which is the most popular), wheat, pale gold, and brindle. Introduced to the United States in the late nineteenth century, this breed quickly became a family favorite as well as a popular show dog.

Don't let the Scottish Terriers adorable exterior fool you…they can be quite stubborn and strong willed. Scottish Terriers (also called Scotties) can be very difficult to train. Though they are intelligent, the Scottie doesn't have time for obedience as in his mind…he has better things to do. They are sensitive dogs who respect their owners as long as they are handled correctly. Though the Scottish Terrier doesn't mind being part of a family, in all honesty, they do better as one person dogs. It is of the utmost importance that children are taught how to play with and handle the Scottie correctly as they do not tolerate rough play and can also be quite jealous.

Great Gifts for People that Love the Scottish Terrier!

This dog breed does best with an experienced dog owner who knows how to handle strong-willed canines. The Scottie has an independent nature and enjoys being the "boss" of the household. It should be noted that the Scottish Terrier DOES NOT like to be alone for long periods of time. If you work all day or travel a lot…it is probably best that you choose a different breed. As for exercise, this breed enjoys long, brisk walks. Due to their short legs, they obviously do not make good jogging or hiking companions!  Along with daily walks, the Scottie also enjoys ample play time at home. They can easily amuse themselves as long as they have interesting toys to play with.

Coat Care Requirements

The Scottish Terrier is some-what high maintenance when it comes to coat care. They require two to three thorough brushings (with a hard bristle brush) every week. As far a clipping is concerned, it is important that you have your Scottie professionally groomed every two to three months. If the Scottish Terrier's coat is neglected, it can easily become matted and tangled which can cause great discomfort…not only to the dog, but to your wallet as well as you will need to have a professional groomer cut out the mats and tangles.

Generally a healthy breed, the Scottie is prone to certain medical conditions such as skin allergies (most Scotties are severely allergic to fleas so it is very important to stay current with flea preventative medications!). They are also prone to bleeding disorders and thyroid problems.

Early socialization is EXTREMELY important to ensure that your Scottie is not aggressive with other dogs. As mentioned earlier, the Scottish Terrier tends to be quite jealous so don't let him catch you playing with another dog at the dog park! This breed tolerates cats…especially if they are introduced to them at an early age. If you have small pets such as hamsters or gerbils, it is best that you keep your Scottie at a safe distance as he will consider them fair game (remember, Scotties were originally bred to control vermin!).

If you are searching for a dog that is loyal, energetic, protective, dignified and fun…the Scottish Terrier may be the breed for you! It is important to remember that though adorable, the Scottie is very protective and somewhat jealous. Though they do not have demanding exercise requirements, they do require at least two brisk walks per day. If you are considering adding a Scottish Terrier to your family, please consider adoption. After all, adoption is the BEST OPTION! Woof.

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    • Highland Terrier profile image

      Highland Terrier 

      5 years ago from Dublin, Ireland

      Thank you ,good hub. Neighbours has a scottie says its very good with the kids. Might be the exception to the rule.

    • profile image

      Theresa Mullins 

      6 years ago

      Thank you for posting this Hub. I found it quite informative since I do have a 10 yr old Scottie.

    • MACACH profile image


      8 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      Thank you for your information on scottish terriers.I am currently re-writing my hub: Our Favorite Scottish Terrier: Scottie. When you get a chance check it out. I should have the rest of it finnished by the end of the week.


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