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Metal Pet Gates:Compare Prices, Reviews, Huge Selection

Updated on March 13, 2011

Metal Pet Gate Reviews

Owning a puppy can be fun and difficult at the same time. Their are things puppies shouldn't get into, but find a way to do it some how. Well it could be time to divde a room with a metal pet gate. Hooking up a dog gate is really easy no matter what kind that you get. I know i use mine to get things around in the kitchen without 3 mouths drooling under me.

Also it's great if your going away for the day because you know they can't get into certain room to destroy shoes, kid's toys, or even your bed and blankets.


Types of Metal Pet Gates

What's nice about metal dog gates is that they are practically chew-proof. Their is no need to worry about your dog gnawing at it while your away and coming home to a hole chewed through the gate. With the metal gates their is a larger selection of colors, designs as well as movement.

The two main colors or gates are white and black. Either one goes great in most houses. Next would be the movement and attaching the gate. Some attach to the wall for a more permanent fixture but have a door way that can swing open to allow easy mobility through it.

Next the design is crucial for anyone. You don't want a ugly pet gate in your house. So why not have a little fun and use it as a decoration when not in use. The next design is the pressure mounted gates. These are nice for easy set up and take down with no holes in the wall. These also have the drawback off being easily knocked down.

Measure the Width of Your Door

Also measuring your doorway or walkway area is very important because some gates only offer you a certain gap coverage. For large areas you may need a larger width gate that allows for add-ons. Most of these types are the walk-thru gate. This is the gate I love and recommend.

There is also stand alone gates but these I don't recommend because they have a tendency of tipping or being to short which allows the dog to jump over the gate.


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