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Mini Aquarium Heater - Why to Buy A Hydor Aquarium Heater

Updated on June 13, 2012

Hydor Mini Aquarium Heater

To fully replicate the natural environment of your tropical freshwater fish, a high quality fish tank heater is recommended. This is especially true for smaller fish tanks! Because the small aquarium has a large surface area of glass that can radiate heat, the temperature can be difficult to maintain adequately over time. This means it can be difficult to keep a stable enough water temperature that will let your fish thrive and remain healthy. Fortunately there is one brand of mini aquarium heater that is affordable, efficient, and reliable enough for a small fish tank.

The Hydor company has been designing and manufacturing aquarium supplies for more than 25 years. This means that more than two decades of experience goes into each new product that is developed and created by this company. Though Hydor started with the production of aquarium filters, they have since gone on to expand their line of fish tank supplies to include artificial lights, air pumps, feeding systems, pumps, carbon dioxide systems, heaters, and many aquarium decorations.

A Mini Aquarium Heater For Bettas

The Hydor line of aquarium heaters now comprises the THEO heater, the Hydrokable, ETH, the Hydroset Thermostat, and several mini aquarium heater options.

The mini heaters are available in two options, one of which is a 7.5W model and one which uses 15 Watts. Because fish tank heaters require about 3 to 5 Watts per gallon of water, these two heaters provide adequate heat for a mini aquarium up to 5 to 7.5 gallons. A Hydor mini aquarium heater is safe, tiny, and submersible. The tiny size of these heaters means they are usually easily hidden in a small fish tank.

These heaters are easily hidden in even the smallest aquariums. They are still very safe in both tropical freshwater aquariums and saltwater fish tanks too! Though this shouldn't be a problem in a small aquarium, some Hydor mini aquarium heater models have a protective feature that prevents them from overheating if the water level drops below the level of the heater. Even if these models run dry by accident there is a low risk of overheating. This feature is thanks to both self-limiting technology and highest quality components that are used for Hydor mini aquarium heaters.

As you can see, it is very possible to properly heat even small fish tanks at without having to shell out lots of money for a mini aquarium heater. It is no longer necessary to have a big bulky heater in your tiny tanks. Heaters that are made for bigger aquariums but used in small fish tanks have the ever-present possibility of heating the water too quickly or to a temperature that is too hot for most fish. Do the right thing for you fish and choose a Hydor brand mini aquarium heater!


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      Betta Supplies 8 years ago

      Betta Breeders - betta supplies have them for great prices.

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      bob 8 years ago

      what stores can you buy the hydor mini heater