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MiniHub - Perhaps Cows are better off as food?

Updated on July 8, 2011
"I want to become your dinner."
"I want to become your dinner." | Source

Today, so many people have their own beliefs on what is, and is not okay to kill and eat.
Recently I watched a programme of "Kill it, Cut it, Use it", in which nearly every single part of a cow was used after it's death. The skin was made into leather for shoes, clothes and car-seats, the meat was made into food. The bones were made into glue, and the rest was turned into hair-products.

Not one bit was left to waste. Not even the eyes.
This was extremely grusome to watch, but it did make a good point.
Cows, as far as we are aware, are not intelligent creatures. They can't do math. They can't write Shakespeare. Perhaps they can, but that's a different subject. But despite their size, they have no real weapon to defend against hungry predators. They're a walking meal to anything with sharp teeth.

And then we come along, with our spears, and conventional farming techniques. We gave the cows a home for a brief few years. We allowed them to breed in relative safety, and let them eat. Sure, not ALL of the cows in the world have been properly looked after, but in modern day Western Society, cows have it pretty good. Even if we do eat them.
In fact, it could be argued that if they didn't have us to farm them, they would have died out. It's possible. Plausable? Probable?

Sure, this might not be the case. Maybe because it's 1am, and I'm tired this doesn't make sense. Perhaps my points are not valid, but where would we be without opinion? Probably without steak for dinner.
Right, time for a burger.


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