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Miniature Pincher vs. Doberman Pincher We Are Not Related

Updated on April 24, 2009
One of Leah's Friend-A Doberman Pincher
One of Leah's Friend-A Doberman Pincher
Leah and her buddy checking each other out.  Look at the difference in size.  He weighs 80lbs while Leah only weighs 8lbs.
Leah and her buddy checking each other out. Look at the difference in size. He weighs 80lbs while Leah only weighs 8lbs.
Leah, standing tall and proud
Leah, standing tall and proud
Small but awful mighty!
Small but awful mighty!
Even though they are a small breed, they can be powerful little pets
Even though they are a small breed, they can be powerful little pets

Written by Leah-A Dog's View on Life

Miniature Pincher vs. the Doberman Pincher; Many people think that we Min Pins descended down from the Doberman Pincher-NOT TRUE!! In all reality we both descended from the German Pincher, which is one of the oldest breeds out there. Our breed has been found to be dated back to 3000BC! Skeltons of our bones were recovered from lake dwellings somewhere in Swizerland. It is also believed that we exist way before our bigger buddies, the Doberman.

Our breed was very popular in Germany as the "Ratting Dog". Meaning we were the "cats" that caught and killed mice and rats around the house. We were also popular in parts of Asia and Europe; but documentation on our breed has only begun a few centuries ago. In fact, would you beleive that the Miniature Schnauzer and us Min Pins orginated from the same family of dogs? I know that's hard to beleive since we don't look anything alike. Another one of our great realitives is the Affenpincher which is a rough coated dog. Even though the Affenpincher has a terrier-like appearance, we do not belong to the terrier family.

Later in the 19th century the Min Pin became most popular as the toy dog not only in German, but also in Sweden. Here in America the Min Pin wasn't introduce to you humans until the early part of the 1920s. this was also when we were recognized to the American Kennel Club. We are now called the "King of Toys". We little min pins can be small, which is idealistic if you live in an apartment or small quarters. Yet we carry the attitude of a "big" dog. We adjust to about anything out there.

Just like the Doberman Pincher, we come in varies colors. Our most popular color is the Black and Tan. We also can be red, or chocolate & tan. there is a rare one that is called the "blue". Although the blue is accepted in the AKC, it is rare color and known to have more coat and skin problems. The big guys (Doberman's) colors can also be blue-gray, red, and fawn & white. We are allowed a very small amount (about an 1/2") of white, anymore will disqualify us with the AKC.

We little Min Pins can have the greatest sense of humor. We are just full of energy and lots of spunk. Remember we like to catch mice & rats, but that's not the only thing we can catch. Gee, I wonder what my mom would do if I brought her a mouse? I personally go after bugs and have been known to bring home a locust once or twice. I like to "toy" with the bug, slap him around with my paw, maybe grab him with my teeth, hurt him a little before I go in for the actual kill. We are also fearless and have been called "Dynamite in a small package", and we are not afraid of most things. If you want to own more than one of us, then be prepared not too be bored. We promise to keep you very busy and on your toes both day and night.

for the Most, we do get along great with kids, we don't like to be man handled and don't like serious rough housing. So if your kids like to play rough, then maybe we are not the breed you want around and maybe should consider the bigger version of us-the Doberman. We prefer going to the person, instead of that person coming to us. We want to be in control of who gets to pet who...

Even though we are a small breed, we still love to run and exercise and that is very important to us little guys. If you can't have a run area for your Min Pin, make sure that they get out for daily walks. By taking us for daily walks, will help us bond closer to you. I know I look forward to my walks with my mommy and daddy and that's my favorite part of the day; besides playing and chasing bugs.

I guarrantee if you purchase a Min Pin, like me, they will become very loyal to you and I assure you that you won't have a dull moment once owning one of us. Enjoy!!


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    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 5 years ago from New York

      You made some great points in this hub leah....everyone thinks a Min Pin is just a small Doberman but we know that's not true. My first Min Pin was black and tan. The Min Pin I have now (whom I've written several hubs about) is chocolate. They are fun, entertaining, lively and good looking. My Min Pin caught a rat a year ago...he was playing with it and getting ready for the kill when we pulled it away.

      Voted this up, useful, and interesting.

    • profile image

      Ashley Marlyn 5 years ago

      Hmm... I'm wondering if I should either get a german shephard, Doberman, Siberian Husky, or all 3! Siberian huskies are great for me because they could push kids around in sleds. German Shephards and Dobermans are great Dogs to me because there Guard dogs, but I don't have a choice... could someone help me out here?:/

    • Doggie Devotee profile image

      Doggie Devotee 8 years ago from Danville KY

      Very cute hub, filled with great information. I am looking nto getting on of these bundles or dynamite lol.

    • Montana Farm Girl profile image

      Montana Farm Girl 8 years ago from Northwestern Montana

      We have three loving, affectionate, wonderful min pins and I can't count the times we have had to explain this very thing to people!!! We so enjoy our fiesty babies and know, it takes special folks to love min pins... there surely have minds of their own!!!! We would not trade our loving pups for anything in the world... our sons are grown and Nitro, Max and Zazzy our like raising children all over again!!! Great hub!!!!