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Minnesota Dog Breeds: Chocolate Labrador Retriever Settling in for a Nap

Updated on February 23, 2017

Two Dogs

We have two dogs. One you've met already, Bertha the Shorthaired German Pointer, and Blue, our Chocolate Labrador Retriever.

Every morning when I get up, I'm in a routine. It's my dogs schedule that I'm tied to. You know the type of drill I'm talking about:

I get up, shower, get ready and then, I start taking care of the dogs. I fill up their pan with dog food and carry it outside to the garage, at which time I divide it between the two dog dishes. The dog dishes are separated by a good 10 foot so that the dogs aren't near each other when eating. Otherwise they growl at each other and start eating too fast.

Bathroom and Let Back In

I fill their bowls and return inside the house and wait for a signal from the Labrador. When he is ready to come in, he yelps next to the front door. He can open the garage door by himself but he sometimes just expects me to let him in the other door.

So, I let them out and then, when Blue yelps, I let them both back in. Bertha usually sits in the garage on a blanket and doesn't bark or whine. Her biggest thing is pawing at the door with her paws and claws. On a metal door, it resounds quite well. She has learned to wait, since as soon as Blue starts to yelp, I open the door and then I open the other door. At that point, it's dark, but I listen for her toenails clicking across the floor, then, there she comes, in the door.

Dog Beds

Dogs are cool laying on the floor without anything. They like having something there, since if there is something there, they will attempt to lay on it.

I have had them lay on rugs. I have a laundry room downstairs and Blue will drag things upstairs from the laundry basket to lay on. There has been many times that there are socks or shirts or underwear on the porch and he's using them for a pillow. Must be the scent. It makes him less lonely, I think. Especially on days when my hubby is out of town for work. Blue will steal something out of the laundry that smells like him.

We finally bought two dog crate liners and place them on the floor in the porch.

My Way Vs. Dog Way

I lay the beds down all neat and orderly and the dogs scrunch them up and lay on them lumpy.

My Way
My Way
Dog's way
Dog's way

Bertha is in House First

Today is an odd day. Bertha is in the house first. Blue yelped and then, just stood there, on the grass, frozen, just looking at me. So I shut the door and let Bertha in.

Then, the yelping started again. So I again opened the door and told Blue to come in. Again, he just stood there. Not moving. So, I closed the door again, and for additional effect, turned the light off. Waited.

Sure enough. The yelping started again, so I opened the door. He had crawled up the steps are was now outside the door. Still suspicious of coming in the house. He must have smelled the toast I had just eaten and was making smacking noises with his mouth as he waited outside the door. Finally, something in his brain slipped into gear and he started to walk through the door.

Then, the mat game started. He came in and nudged Bertha off of her mat and then, they walked in a circle for a few moments and then, Blue chose the spot he wanted and Bertha laid down on the other.

It's different every day. I think it depends on the temperature. Sometimes they share one and cuddle each other for the warmth. Today, they are on their own.


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    • firstcookbooklady profile imageAUTHOR

      Char Milbrett 

      2 years ago from Minnesota

      Thanks, SmartandFun for your comment.

    • SmartAndFun profile image


      2 years ago from Texas

      Cute and goofy puppers! Gotta love them!

    • firstcookbooklady profile imageAUTHOR

      Char Milbrett 

      2 years ago from Minnesota

      Thanks, MsDora.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      2 years ago from The Caribbean

      These dogs are lucky to have such a caring owner. Seems like fun dealing with Blue and Bertha. Good read!


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