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Montreal ban on pit bulls

Updated on March 15, 2017
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My very favorite population goes to the dogs. They will forever have a special place in my heart.

Not all Pitts are not vicious

This is Angel. My daughters and I saved her from the animal shelter when she was 7 weeks old. She is now 8 years old.
This is Angel. My daughters and I saved her from the animal shelter when she was 7 weeks old. She is now 8 years old. | Source
This is my niece Annabel giving Angel a hug.
This is my niece Annabel giving Angel a hug. | Source
This is my niece Sabreena who is sitting on Angel's back. Angel loves to make Sabreena laugh.
This is my niece Sabreena who is sitting on Angel's back. Angel loves to make Sabreena laugh. | Source
My niece Sabreena, who purposely put herself in the position of laying on Angel's middle. She did this because she knew Angel would let her. Sabreena's own dog would not allow her to do this.
My niece Sabreena, who purposely put herself in the position of laying on Angel's middle. She did this because she knew Angel would let her. Sabreena's own dog would not allow her to do this. | Source


The situation with Montreal banning pit bulls really saddens me, as my father is a Canadian citizen from Quebec. I spent so many childhood summers in Canada that I cannot even count how many times I have been, and I HAVE A LAB/PITT MIX.

Case by Case, Individual by Indvidual

Just like people should not be condemned for being black or white. Dogs should not be condemned for their breed. It should be on a case by case, individual by individual basis.

This is Angel. My daughters and I saved her from the animal shelter in July 2008. She was 7 weeks old and she had worms, and mange. Her paperwork said she was a Lab Mix. It was later, as she started to grow that we realized that she was part Pitt. She's been around children and other dogs, ALL OF HER LIFE. She loves to greet people. She has never bitten anyone.

When I returned to Missouri, I got to take her with me. My nieces and nephew adore her. However, when I moved back to Missouri, my oldest niece was 6 months old. To put my brother's mind at ease I simply told him: "Angel has never bitten anyone. However, there is one concern that I do have. That Angel will take the baby's breath away because Angel would kiss her too much." Therefore, we simply watched Angel with the young ones, and there has never been any issues.

I have seen quite a few pitties that are chosen for service dogs. I know because I saw one at the business that I was working at. These dogs are used to help those with PTSD and kids with Autism and so much more. Putting a limit on this will cause someone not to find the service dog connection that they need. Hire a behaviorist before euthanizing all of these pits. They are not just dogs, and have a right to a life.

Some history of the pit bull

Pit Bulls were imported to America before the Civil War, and were used for the same reasons as when they were back in England. Later, the USA solidified the breed and they were named the American Pit Bull Terrier. There is speculation as to how closely related the Staffordshire and Pit Bull are as a breed, claiming that they are a similar breed, developed around the same time, made up of similar but separate strains of bulldog and terrier. Cousins, but not brothers. Some of these breeds were regarded as war heroes, such as a dog named Sally who served with the Pennsylvania Infantry during the Civil War, and was regarded as a war hero.

While in America, the Pit Bull flourished. It was one of the most popular breeds, highly prized by a wide variety of people, and probably why the military used them in the Civil War. The breed was used in US World War 1 artwork, and mascots for popular companies such as RCA and the Buster Brown Show Company. A Pit Bull starred in the children's television series, Our Gang. Pit Bulls accompanied pioneer families on their explorations, such as Laura Ingalls Wilder of the popular Little House books. Famous people such as Theodore Roosevelt and Helen Keller all owned this very popular breed. It was during this time that the Pit Bull became America's sweetheart breed. Admired and loved by many.

There are so many myths about the pit bull breed that people just need to educate themselves before they make such rash decisions with euthanizing these animals. Pit Bulls do NOT have locking jaws. Pit Bulls are not born to be mean. Pit Bulls are no different than any other breed.

There also happens to be a wolf-hybrid living in another part of Canada who has become domesticated to do so. His name is Loki. Therefore, why are Pit Bulls being condemned when a wolf hybrid can be domesticated?? This is unfair and cruel.

In things that I have read about pit bulls. They require a lot of human attention, because they believe they are human and want to be with you every moment of every day. (I go upstairs and put the gate up so my young niece does not go downstairs. Angel wants to be with me. She will put her head on the top step and whine because she wants to be with me. My dad hushes her, and she goes and lays down on the landing so she is closer to me. She has never attacked anyone.)

Breeds that kill humans

If breed bans are being passed to target breeds that kill humans, then why are not all the breeds listed banned? German Shepherd, Husky, Doberman, Chow, Great Dane, Saint Bernard, Golden Retriever, Bull Terrier, Pit Bull, Collie, Labrador Retriever, Yorkshire Terrier, Basenji, Dachshund, Boxer, Bull Mastiff, Neo Mastiff, Old English Mastiff, Beagle, Wolf Hybrid, Pomeranian, Akita, Rottweiler, Cocker Spaniels, Springer Spaniels, Irish Wolfhound, Irish Setter, and Poodle.


It was stated on the news that Florissant, Missouri has lifted their ban on Pit bulls.

I hope to hear about more areas following.

In conclusion

The public only hears about the negative stories in the news. Pit Bulls are wonderful dogs in the hands of responsible owners just like any other breed, aka the majority of domestic violence is caused by men, are all men considered evil and dangerous. No. (I happen to have had a son to, and I am sure that he is NOT evil and dangerous. In fact, I know him as being a man of the highest integrity, of any man that I have ever known.) Then why would Pit Bulls be dangerous because of a few bad owners?

Please, if Montreal refuses to overturn their decision, PLEASE do not euthanize all of those pit bulls without having a behaviorist check on a case by case status. It might be difficult, but I am sure that some of those dogs can find loving homes.


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    • Roger T Duquette profile image

      Roger T Duquette 

      2 years ago from Kingston, Ontario, Canada

      When I lived in Montreal most of my friends had Pit Bulls. They were all the nicest, friendliest dogs I have ever met. These dogs are not to blame. It is the owners who should be blamed. Many owners purposely make their dogs vicious thinking that it is a good thing. If they wanted a good watchdog they should get a trained dog for the job. These owners often beat their dogs which makes the dog lose trust in humans making them more likely to attack. The politicians who make the laws need to get some guts and go after the owners. But they are too scared because people can argue back and they are afraid of losing votes. So instead they go after the dogs who can't defend themselves. So I am with you in that this law ticks me off. They should put the blame where the blame should be.


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