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More Cases of Dog Shaming

Updated on May 31, 2015

Bad Dog

Dogs are fascinating creatures. Trained during a primitive age, they have gained the title Man's Best Friend due to how well they worked with humans over the years. Of course, some forms of entertainment came from the fact that some dogs were not as obedient or well-behaved as the title Man's Best Friend implies. But entertainment can still come from bad dogs. In the article Dog Shaming: An Examination I talked about one form of entertainment, actually referred to as Dog Shaming, could be a source of entertainment for people on the Internet. The process was fairly simple. Take a dog who has misbehaved recently, get a card and write down whatever misdemeanor the dog has committed recently, take a picture of both of them, and post it on the Internet. Some of these misdemeanors involved the dog eating something that should not have been eaten, having one dog tattle on another dog for messing something up, and in some cases acknowledge the irony of one breed of dog not doing something that the dog's breed was made specifically to accomplish. While in good fun, Dog Shaming pointed out that some dogs were not as obedient as the title Man's Best Friend implied. But they were still funny.

Different Species

Dog are cionsidered Man's Best Friend. And the best friend for other species if the proper training is given. Of course, some missteps should be expected from time to time. Particularly around food. As this example of Dog Shaming showed, certain dogs could not be trusted with certain kinds of pet food. Like tortoise food. So as a form of Internet notoriety, this Dog Shaming picture has viewer know that this particular dog should not be trusted with someone else's food. Of course, since the tortoise was a herbivore, it could just eat some form of random fruit or vegetable. So no harm, no foul.

Dogs can have an omnivorous diet at times. But they are mostly meat eaters.
Dogs can have an omnivorous diet at times. But they are mostly meat eaters. | Source


Some dogs have been shown to be portrayed as rather high maintenance. Perhaps it is because they were owned by people who could afford to spend on their pets that certain dog breeds, like the chihuahua, have been shown to be constant companions to people who possessed a significant amount of wealth. Of course, some cases acted in a way that Dog Shaming could make it look like the chihuahua thinks that it was the master and the human was the pet. Here, the viewer could see that one chihuahua could be portrayed as being spoiled so much that it thinks that it could train its human to be the dog's personal caretaker. Arguably, that could be said about all dogs.

Cats were usually the ones who treated humans like the human was the pet. Apparently some dogs do, too.
Cats were usually the ones who treated humans like the human was the pet. Apparently some dogs do, too. | Source


Dogs are able to sleep for short amounts of time. As a result, they are also able to wake-up a lot more frequently compared to humans. As a result, some dogs could function as alarm clocks for their human owners. Unfortunately, since dogs are capable of getting up at ridiculously early periods of time, the human owners were forced to get-up at those same periods of time. Which was acknowledged in the next picture of Dog Shaming. As shown by the card accompanying the dog being shamed, this particular dog liked to act as an alarm clock for its humans. Of course, rather than join the humans at being awake during a very early period of time, that same dog went to sleep. Which was shameful.

Jerk. | Source


Some dogs like playing with their humans. Some dogs like staying indoors. Dog Shaming as a form of entertainment Focuses on the dogs that like staying indoors. Stubbornly so, in fact. As the picture below shows, one particular dog liked being inside the house so much that she preferred staying inside a relatively small area. And basically make a mess of the area she was lying on. And while the image here shows the dog in a submissive position, the owners most likely do not think that this dog wants to stay inside because of fear. She wants to stay inside because she thinks she was the owner of her house.

And this was a giant dog.
And this was a giant dog. | Source


Dogs were creatures that came from the wild. And despite successful domestication, most dogs like to stay outdoors. Of course, domestication usually came with a set of rules. Rules, that Dog Shaming has shown, that most dogs were incapable of following. As shown in the picture below where the dog apparently dug-up plants from their owner's garden and used as a bed. Dogs can be fairly resourceful when it comes to making their surrounding comfortable for them. When it came to living outside, some dogs usually used the shade to make their beds. This dog showed that some dogs could be more imaginative about where they slept.

Messy, but at least it knows how to take care of itself.
Messy, but at least it knows how to take care of itself. | Source


he laws of nature typically state that the better specimen would fare better than the lesser specimen. Basically, the bigger animal should dominate over the smaller animal. Of course, the domestic life for dogs can subvert that way of thinking in some cases. Like in the example of Dog Shaming shown below. Dachshaunds were a breed of dog that were characterized by their relatively short body. The dog in the picture below, however, looks like it had a body that could make any dachshaund afraid. Ironically, that was not what happened. Turns out that a fairly young dachshaund could fight a bigger dog and win. Which is more hilarious than shameful.

Well, this was ironic.
Well, this was ironic. | Source


Dogs have been companions for humans for many years. As a result, many forms of entertainment have been made involving a wider variety of dogs. Specifically bad dogs. Most of the time.


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    • Rachel L Alba profile image

      Rachel L Alba 2 years ago from Every Day Cooking and Baking

      Hi Jake, It was a lot of fun reading your hub about dog shaming. Some of the expressions on the dogs actually looks like they were ashamed. lol Dogs can be funny on their own. Thanks for sharing.

      Blessings to you.

    • no body profile image

      Robert E Smith 2 years ago from Rochester, New York

      Hi Jake, I've always been a dog person. They are so personable, and so smart. I do believe the give and take of owner-dog teaches the owner to do what the dog wants but then again, that's way in any relationship. Dogs are just smart enough to convince us that they know more than we do. Great article. Voted up, funny. Bob.

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      These are always great fun!