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More unanswered questions in another Pit Bull case

Updated on August 1, 2012

The victim

May 26, a 65 year old man was discovered dead in a friend's driveway, apparently mauled to death by a dog. The man was found with his clothing near him but balled up. He had a major laceration to his right arm that may have resulted in him bleeding out. Also found on the body were several paw prints in the man's blood. The injury to his arm is suspected to be from a dog.

The suspect

DMX, an 8 year old Pit Bull, lives next door to where the man was found dead. The owner of DMX says that the dog was locked up that night and could not have gotten out. Additionally, the owner stated that his dog does not know how to remove a person's clothing and wad it up. As of now, the Pit Bull is the only suspect that police have or are sharing with the media.

There has been no mention as to why this dog has been put on the top of the suspect list other then statements made to investigators by neighbors about the dog's history.

The investigation

Nearly a month and a half after the body of Eugene Cameron was found police and investigators are still trying to tie the 8 year old pit bull DMX to his death. DNA testing has linked the dog to the scene but the lab is waiting on more tests to determine if the dog's DNA is on the clothing found near the body. Up until DNA testing confirmed the dog's presence the investigators were working off of statements given by neighbors on the dogs pass behaviors, not on any actual evidence or witness statements.

Authorities say it may be several more weeks before all the testing is complete.

Currently no charges have been brought up, however, if DMX is the murder weapon his owner may be facing involuntary manslaughter or second degree murder charges. As of now the dog is in police custody.

Another likely suspect is wild coyotes, neighbors have stated that there are several coyotes in the area.


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    • kgarcia1113 profile imageAUTHOR

      Kassi Garcia 

      6 years ago from Las Vegas, NV, USA

      The whole case is screwy, a dog may have been involved but there is obviously a human aspect to the crime. Also, they have only stated so far that the wound may have been inflicted by a dog. One angle that I haven't seen mentioned yet is bating a dog to cover up the original crime.

      I will continue to keep you posted on this case and attempt to get some answers from the local authorities on this matter. So far, attempts that I have made have not produced any addition information.

    • vegaswriter profile image


      6 years ago from Las Vegas

      So they are setting about to prove a theory rather than following any proof. What is the dog's documented history? The facts, not opinions fostered by all the APBT as an entire breed myths, bad information and misconceptions.

      What was the actual cause of death? He could have wandered outside on his own in some sort of confusion with his clothes in hand. Might an older gentleman not had a major event and collapsed outside to be investigated by any canines in the area?

      Or might he have been frightened by any canines in the area before collapsing and being investigated by any dogs in the area?

      Or what if he took a swing at one in fear and a dog naturally defended itself? As an older gentleman his skin is more likely to tear easily as well as there being a number of common reasons for thinned blood.

      I can see several OTHER possibilities leading to the final events without fault to be laid on any canines or dogs involved besides the APBT being a mean aggressive cold blooded murderer here.

      While an attack is possible they should not be looking to prove that and only that from the get go seemingly because a APBT lives next door to where a deceased party was found in an unusual manner.

      Please let us know what really happened here if it is ever discovered.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      This is a very puzzling story. How indeed does a dog kill a man, bundle up a mans clothing, leave paw prints for evidence and then leave the scene of a crime.

      @ jennzie , there are bad dogs just like there are bad people. Dogs suffer from various aliments emotional, physical, and psychological just like humans and for that matter other species as well. That being said " I agree that not all pit bulls are vicious"

    • jennzie profile image


      6 years ago from Pennsylvania

      It's sad that an entire breed is judged based on the actions of some dogs. I myself have never met one mean pit bull in my life, though I have met mean toy poodles and so on. But I don't believe there are any bad dogs, only bad owners.

    • Mesha Minnerman profile image

      Mesha Minnerman 

      6 years ago from Merced

      This story seems rather sketchy...maybe is was not the dog maybe it wasn't...sounds like they may need neighborhood watch.


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