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Most Common Problems in a Fish Tank Solved

Updated on February 9, 2011

Why is your tank cloudy don't worry this is a easy problem to fix.  A cloudy tank makes a very unpleasing tank for you to look at.  Their could be many reasons for you having a cloudy tank and most come from the fish owner.

Overfeeding: That's right overfeeding can cause it so you should only be feeding once a day.  Even though the fish food says 3-4 times a day you don't want to go by that, they just want you to buy more food.

Not Enough Water Changes:  Water changes should be done every 3 weeks.  You want to get a siphon and not just scoop off the top that won't take the bad debris out.

Overcrowding in your tank:  Take the size of your tank and the type of fish and the general rule but not always right is for tropical fish 1 inch of fish per gallon(their adult size) Goldfish 1 inch per 2 gallon.

Why is my Fish Tank Green?

This is a common problem and is caused from to much algae in the tank and I have come up with a method to eliminate the problem quickly.

  1. Find out if any sunlight is coming in the tank from windows. If so you might need to move the tank or block the window.
  2. Cover the tank with a blanket or towel and leave the light off, only turn on for 5 minutes when feeding your fish.
  3. Cover tank for 3-4 days to allow algae to die off. The tank will turn cloudy, don't worry about it this is the algae dying off.
  4. Do a 50% water change to vacuum the dying algae this will help your tank from getting another bloom of algae.
  5. Wait a couple of days and change the filter pads.
  6. It will clear up in a couple of days.

Why Does My Tank Smell?

This is common problem and can easily be cured by doing more frequent water changes.  Feeding less back to once day, also your tank could be overcrowded so water changes are very important for your fishes health.  So cutting back on the food and adding more water changes will get rid of the smell in your fish tank.

Ich on Fish Those Pesky White Spots

Ich on fish or some people know it as ick is a fish diease that can look like you sprinkled salt on your fish. This is easy to treat and you want to treat it directly to what the directions say, so you don't take the risk of harming your fish.

Somethings you can do to help kill it are:

  1. Medicate fish.
  2. Raise Temperature of tank up to 80-82F
  3. Perform water changes twice weekly.

Continue treatment for two weeks because it may look like your fish don't have it but it also breaks off during the day usually so that it can breed and it will look like the disease is gone. Don't be fooled.  Ich usually doesn't kill fish but it does weaken the immune system and it can allow secondary diseases to kick in.  Ich is caused from stress usually new fish will get it when introduced when the older fish won't get it but left untreated the resident fish can get it.


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