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Most Dangerous Animals Of The World

Updated on January 6, 2012

Although the world is full of dangerous animals which pose a threat not only to humans but to other animals as well. In this article an effort is made to bring forth only the most dangerous and feared animals of the planet, that by all means are deadly.

Some of the animals in this list are as small as a snail while some are large like; wolves and large cats. Thus, signifying the diversity of nature and what even a small things can do, which might look harmful at first sight.

The below mentioned animals are in random order but all of them are equally dangerous i.e. one could, get killed if an encounter occurs. So, here is the list of the world’s most dangerous animals:

The Box Jelly Fish
The Box Jelly Fish | Source

The Box Jellyfish

Not ever specie of box jelly fish is venomous but those which are, happen to be one of the most dangerous and venomous animals in the world. These creatures are usually found in warm waters of Northern Pacific and Asia and are highly poisonous.

They consist of needle like structures called 'nematocysts' through which they inject their venom in to their prey. If they sting humans their nematocysts inject the venom into the veins and their poison runs through the blood stream causing severe pain and eventually a cardiac arrest.

If a person gets bitten by this jelly fish the only way to save himself is to remove the tentacles immediately and apply vinegar before the venom enters the blood stream otherwise there is no cure.

Blue Ringed Octopus
Blue Ringed Octopus | Source

Blue-Ringed Octopus

The blue ringed octopus is another dangerous animal in this list of most dangerous animals. This small octopus which is no big than golf ball contains venom which can kill 26 humans at a time. Its poison causes numbness, respiratory failure and eventually death.

A piece of advice: "If you ever while walking through the sea shores of Pacific Ocean, see a beautiful thing with marvelous blue rings lying on the shore, never go and touch it because this creature might be the blue ringed octopus and if you do touch it, you will never be alive to see it again".

Great White Shark; the most dangerous of all sharks
Great White Shark; the most dangerous of all sharks | Source


Sharks are large fishes found in deep oceans. These are perhaps the most dangerous fish in the world.

These brutal animals rip off their prey and have a really good sense of hearing and smell.

If a human encounters them there is rarely a chance of escape and unfortunately they are ripped by these vicious animals.

Poison Dart Frog
Poison Dart Frog | Source

Poison Dart Frog

The poison dart frog is indeed a wonder of nature. This extremely miniature frog, hardly reaching up to 2 inches is so poisonous that it is believed by some as the most poisonous creature in the world. Its venom can kill 20 people at a time. These frogs are found in Central and South America.

The reason why these frogs are amongst the most dangerous animals is that unlike other venomous creatures they don’t have to inject their venom into their prey, they have poison in their skin and any animal that touches it gets poisoned immediately. Only 2 micro grams of their venom is enough to kill many

The King Cobra
The King Cobra | Source

King Cobra

King cobra might not be the most venomous snake but it is the most dangerous snake in the world. The fact that makes king cobra so dangerous is its extreme large size; it is around 18 feet in length.

In a single bite from their fangs they can inject venom five times more than any other snake. They can kill an animal as large as an elephant with their venom.

They are mostly found in Asia, particularly in India. Despite of their large size they slither extremely fast and catch their prey in seconds.

A wolf
A wolf | Source


Wolves are large animals belonging to the canine family or the dog family. Wolves are included in this list for two main reasons.

Firstly these animals are highly viscous and brutal carnivores which can hunt any living thing that poses a threat to their pack or opposition which they encounter.

Secondly escaping from them is hard as they are extremely fast runners. Wolves are indeed one of the most dangerous and scariest animals in the world.

A Cheetah
A Cheetah | Source

Big Cats

These cats include: cheetahs, tigers, lions and leopards.

Cheetahs in particular are highly dangerous as they happen to be the fastest running animals in the world and their prey can never escape.

All the big cats are very brutal carnivores that attack any living thing that comes across their way.


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    • Hamad Irfan profile image

      Hamad Irfan 5 years ago from U.A.E

      That is quite true JKenny, I actually watched a documentary which was about Killer Whales' hunting tactics and behaviour. It was amazing to watch how they played with their prey (sea lion) in order to teach the young ones how to hunt.

    • JKenny profile image

      James Kenny 5 years ago from Birmingham, England

      Killer Whales are also pretty dangerous, as they've been known to kill Great White Sharks and Blue Whales. Also the Honey Badger, which is probably the most aggressive mammal on the planet, as it will attack anything including Humans.

    • Hamad Irfan profile image

      Hamad Irfan 5 years ago from U.A.E

      It's definitely better to stay safe!

    • santos88 profile image

      santos88 5 years ago from Austin, Texas

      Sharks are why I don't go deeper than 3 feet at the beach!