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World's Most Expensive Pets

Updated on April 5, 2015

Luxurious animals

How much did you pay for your loved pets? Pets often range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars at pet stores

The best and rarest animals in the world are fetching thousands of dollars at the market, it's simply insane how much people are willing to pay to adopt these creatures. From cats to horses the best of the best and the rarest of the rare of their species are purchased and sold. People will pay thousands and even the upwards of millions to get the finest breed of an animal. I put together this hub to show you just what animals are bringing in the dough and how much of it as well.

German Shepard show dog

German Sheherds

An overall great dog to have around they are often very caring for their owners and aggressive towards anyone who might threaten them. German Shepherds are very commonly used as police dogs, guard dogs, guide dogs and military dogs. German Shepherds also excel in many competitive sports including tracking and agility courses which are often featured in dog competitions making them good bids for show dogs. German Shepherds most commonly bring in between 3,000 to 24,000 dollars thus making them the most expensive dog breed.

Big Splash

"Big Splash"

As for the most expensive dog ever sold "Big Splash" the Tibetan Mastiff takes that title. The puppy sold for 10 million Yuan at auction which is equal to just over 1.5 million dollars. These puppies are considered a "perfect specimen" and be rented out to breeders and the buyer should be able to make back his money after a few years. This breed were once used as guard dogs on herds, villages and monasteries in Tibet.

Bengal Cat

Bengal cat

The most expensive cat breed is awarded to the Bengal cat breed. The bengal is a hybrid cat that's a cross between a domestic feline and an Asian Leopard Cat. The cat costs between 1,000 and 4,000 dollars and have sold for upwards of 42,000$ before. The cat loves to play and requires a lot of attention and Bengal Cats often are very active and are always moving around.

Green Monkey

"Green Monkey"

This horse (yes horse, not a monkey) is the decedent of two Kentucky Derby winners. The horse sold for 16 million dollars at auction. Green Monkey was expected to be a great racehorse, however, he was not so good, the colt ran in three races and he only managed to get third in one of the races. Needless to say the buyer lost millions of dollars on the horse.


Missy is another animal that has brought in over a million dollars selling at 1.2 million dollars at auction. She is a three year Holstein Cow that are the world's highest dairy producers. And was also one of the top show cows in the world at the time holding the title of grand champion at the 2009 Western Fall National Show.

Blue fin tuna

The most expensive fish was sold at 736,000 dollars and it weighed in at the total of 754 pounds. It was sold to a sushi chain restaurant in Japan and you can guess what happened to it next. It comes out to 976 dollars so it most have been some very expensive sushi.

Deveronvale Perfection

Deveronvale Perfection

Deveronvale Perfection is the most expensive sheep sold at auction. It sold for 231,000 pounds or about 376,691 dollars when it was sold to a Swedish farmer. The buyer claims that the sheep was a "perfection" and it was bought mainly to breed; the sheep died in the early days of August 2009.

Lancelot Encore

"Lancelot Encore"

This Labrador Retriever puppy is in it's own special category it's the most expensive Cloned dog. Lancelot Encore was made from samples of a couples beloved "Lancelot" and was the first commercially made clone. The name obviously stems from the fact that 'encore' is meant to imply that Lancelot Encore is meant to be a second life of Lancelot. Encore Lancelot Encore was made at the mere cost of 155 thousand dollars and according to the owners he acts a lot like the old Lancelot and he leads the pack of their other dogs similar to how Lancelot use to be a leader.


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    • SonQuioey10 profile image

      Toni Northern 4 years ago from Williamston NC

      We had like 6 German Shepherd dogs growing up. Mine was named Princess, she was light brown, yellowish, with a slick coat. So smart and beautiful. I miss her, she was such a great guard dog and mother. And I agree, they are very expensive. So are any female cats to me, any kind of female cat. Great hub.

    • libby101a profile image

      libby101a 5 years ago from KY

      This was very informative! Good Job!

    • Theophanes profile image

      Theophanes 5 years ago from New England

      Actually Bengals are not that expensive at all anymore. You can easily obtain an F3 or more (that is a cat that is three or more generations away from the initial hybridization) for $800-2,000 depending if you want pet or show which is pretty average for any purebred cat. Other hybrids are showing up and since they are newer they fetch higher prices. Check out Savannah cats, jungle bobs, chuasies, bristol cats, safari cats, etc. Ashera cats I think are still fetching ungodly prices but if you ask me it's only because whoever is selling them is reeeally good at conning people into thinking they're something special.