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Must-Have Dog Training Equipment

Updated on January 28, 2010

Dog training is an extremely important part of taking care of your young dog. It not only helps you to get closer to your puppy as they grow, but to help them understand that you're in charge and to behave better as they grow older.

There are dozens of different behaviors a dog is bred with and can be trained to do such as retrieving or tracking. You can also train them to perform all sorts of tricks like "sit" or "rollover". When training a dog though, you'll need a variety of different dog training equipment to best accomplish your goals.

The Basic Dog Training Equipment

Without these basic tools you might find that training your dog is incredibly difficult, bordering on impossible. Dogs are conditional learners and need structure and discipline alongside your love and rewards to learn something through repetition. The right dog training equipment is all designed to help you achieve this.

Leashes and collars are the most important part of your dog training equipment arsenal. You'll need them almost immediately and you'll want your dog to get used to them quickly. Put a collar on immediately, when they are a puppy.

They'll scratch and paw at it at first, but as they grow older, you'll find that they grow accustomed to it and won't even react. When you first attach a leash, give your dog free reign to drag it around with them for a while. It will teach them that the leash is neither dangerous nor harmful.

Leash Control With Dog Training Equipment

You'll notice at first that your dog pulls on the leash a bit. Dogs are not friendly to the idea of being confined by space or pressure. Over time you can train them out of this habit by rewarding them when they don't pull on the leash. In good time you'll find that your dog is accustomed to wearing a leash and collar and you can take them anywhere.

The next important piece of dog training equipment you'll want to pick up is a clicker. These small, simple devices are one of the most popular and common methods of teaching your dog. The clicker itself is a small metal device, designed to produce a clear and consistent tone to train your dog. Many people have trouble keeping the tone of their voice steady out of exhaustion or just plain frustration. Either way, a clicker is the perfect way to ensure a stable, consistent method of training.

Using The Dog Training Equipment Clicker

The use of the clicker is incredibly easy. Simply give a command to your dog. If they perform it properly, click once and give them a treat. If they do something to displease you, click twice and give them no treat. If you repeat this method every time, soon enough your dog will figure out what it is you want of him and repeat the same behavior every time you click, and eventually just at the command of your voice.

While not exactly dog training equipment, dog treats are vital to training your dog, offering a reward they enjoy every time they do something right. By getting the right dog training equipment early and knowing what to do with it, you can have your dog obeying your commands and maybe even doing a few tricks in no time.


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