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The Top 10 Must-Have Items For Responsible Dog Owners

Updated on July 28, 2016

We all want to give the best to our dogs. Our dogs stay with us and live with us; in fact, they become part of us when we bring them home. Thus, we want to make sure they are doing well and living well.

So what are the products and items we as the dog owners can provide them? In this article, you will discover the top 10 must-have items for your dogs…


1. Dog Food

This is common sense, every dog needs to eat and as the owner, you should prepare the food and feed your dog.

Please do not mistake dog food with treats and please do not think that whatever that can go into your mouth will be suitable as your dog’s food.

Dogs have a different body than humans. We can eat chocolate, but you just cannot feed your dog with chocolate. We have different biological build than our dogs. They are canine and they should be fed with proper food that they can digest.

Hence, get ready to buy some packaged dog food from your local stores. You can make your own dog food if you want to.

However, the best choice is to mix and feed your dog with different food from time to time.


2. Dog Treats

I have seen a lot of people mistaken dog treat with dog food. They are different. Dog foods are used to feed your dog while dog treats are used as snacks for your dogs.

Usually, we use dog treats during training sessions or when our dogs listen to our command. When you ask your dog to come to you and she did, you reward her with dog treats.

Dog loves to eat and treats are necessary for training. You want your dogs to listen and learn what you are commanding them, so you can use a treat to reward their good behavior.

You can get dog treats from any pets store out there. It is better to choose treats in smaller pieces so that you will never make them full.

Kibble is one of the most commonly used treats that you can make at home. Other than that, cheese, peanut butter, and fresh meat are also something that your dog loves.


3. Dog Crate

Regardless of whether you are staying in landed properties or high-rise apartment, you need to get your dog her house.

You want your dog to feel safe and comfortable. So get her a dog crate. You do not have to go for the expensive ones unless if your budget allows.

More importantly, you should choose a crate that is suitable for your dog. Choose one that has the right size.

You want your dog to be able to stand and lie down inside the crate easily. If it is too small for your dog, she probably will hate and never want to get into the crate.

A crate is just like a house for you. It makes you feel comfortable and safe.

If you travel a lot, you may want to get another one for traveling. Some crates are specially designed for dog owners to carry their dogs while traveling.


4. Food & Water Bowl

Never underestimate the importance of having a proper food bowl for your dog. You want your dog to know that food bowl means time to eat. You want her to familiarize with her bowl if you keep more than one dog.

And never use human’s plates or bowls for your dog to use. Training your dog should start from small and minor things like this.

Your dogs will study your move and try to figure out what you do. If you always use a different bowl or use your plate for her to eat, the next time probably she will want to eat your portion.

Try to get a ceramic bowl rather than a plastic one. The reason being that a plastic bowl may make your dog think that it is a toy and she may chew on it.


5. Dog Bed

Well, you do not have to get the expensive and big bed for your dog if you do not want to. Just get a suitable cushion bed to put in her crate will do.

Make sure you choose something soft and comfortable. You want to make the crate as comfy as possible so she will want to go in.

And remember to wash or clean the cushion bed regularly. Your dog may pee or poop on it. Change the cushion bed when necessary.

Sometimes, your dog may bark at night or just do not want to go into the crate. Check out the reason and it might be due to a wet bed or she just feels uncomfortable with it.


6. Quality Dog Leash

How can you keep a dog without having a leash? A dog leash is extremely important and I would recommend you get a leash even before you get your dog.

You must understand that a leash can keep your dog safe and keep her by your side. You do not want your dog to run around and cause accidents, so keep her on a leash when needed.

And you will need to use a leash when you bring her outdoor. Unless your dog is well-trained, she may chase after other animals, motorcycle or people on the street.

Not only that, a leash is extremely useful when you want to train your dog. Whether it is to potty train her or teaching her to perform tricks, a leash is a must.


7. Identity Tag

If you think that a dog identity tag is not necessary, you are wrong. The tag can be your dog’s saver.

Imagine when your dog is lost and you cannot find her anywhere, what can you do besides asking for help from others?

Those who have found your dog will know who the dog owner is and can, therefore, return the dog.

Do you know that some countries have rules stating that every dog must be registered under the owner and a tag must be provided with the dog?


8. The Poop Bags

Dogs are animals and they may poop anywhere anytime without your knowledge, well, accidents do happen.

Bring along the poop bags when you bring your dog out. So whenever she poops, you will have to clean her remaining.

Adult dog feces may carry bacteria such as intestine parasites and you want to be careful on this. Keep the area clean and make sure you are a responsible dog owner and clean up your dog’s eliminates.


9. Dog Chews

Dogs love to chew on things. It is their natural urges to chew throughout their entire life, regardless of whether puppies or adult dogs.

It is a good choice to buy something for your dog to chew on. If they cannot find any chew, they might chew on things that you do not want them to, such as shoes or your house furniture.

Never mistaken toys for chews, they are different items. The chews can keep your dog busy and make her happy.

You can just give her a chew and she can enjoy herself for hours so that you can attend to your work. So get a chew for your dog.


10. Dog Toys

Finally, get your dog some toys. You urge your parents to buy you toys when you are small right? You dog would want you to do the same.

And when you get old, your toys have been upgraded from Lego’s to smartphones and other more expensive stuff.

Dogs are active animals and they need things to occupy their mind. You have to keep them entertained and happy with toys.

There are many types of toys you can get for your dog, from balls or launcher. Depending on your budget and how you want your dog to enjoy.


These are the top 10 must-have dog items you can get for your dog. Having these items will make your dog happy and engaged. And if your dog is happy, you will be happy as well.

So what other items you think is the must-have for your dog? Share with me in the comment section below and tell me your thoughts.

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