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Rescue Dog Makes Great Companion

Updated on May 10, 2013

Casey's 3rd year with us

You would think after being with us this long that she would feel secure. Most recently we went out of town for two long weekends. Casey was put in a doggy hotel. This travel took place in a 6 week period. Casey was depressed after out second trip. When we picked her up, she refused to eat after 3 days.

Imagine a happy dog walking with her tail down. I would offer her a treat and she would walk over, sniff the treat and then walk away with her tail down. The only thing she would do is drink water. Her favorite thing to do is fetch. Casey would look at the ball and sit.

Hierarchy and trust is instinctual for dogs

If someone told me dogs get depressed I don't know if I would believe them. My first experience with a Casey is proff that dogs like people become sad, lose their appetite and trust. Casey was a rescue dog. I can only assume that she was having horrible flashbacks of being homeless again.

What did I do to regain her trust? I went back to the routine that she knew before my vacation trip. I would walk and feed her at her normal times. I would not leave her food out. If she did not eat at the time I fed her, I would put it away. Casey for two days would sniff her food then walk away. By the third day, I coaxes her and then said her name and a command. I told her to eat.

Casey started eating. The only other thing I could think of was that because I ws the alpha female she was waiting for me to tell her and because she was away, she did not know who her leader was.

I think it is fascinating to learn this. As much as my dog was watch for cues from me, I learned from her as well.


Mutts are the best

For several years, my kids have been begging for a dog. They would whine and complain. They put a binder together of printed material on all kinds of dogs. They even went to the library to rent dvd's on training a dog. I thought perhaps they really understood the responsibility of ownership. For me a dog was adding another child to our budget. To humor them, I told them, I wanted a dog that did not shed, was not too active, small, already trained and neutered. My kids pestered us and called us "Mean Parents " because we refused to give get a dog. We were hoping they would give up or forget. Our neighborhood is filled with dog owners. Almost every other home has a dog. We suggested they become dog walkers and sitters.

About 10 months pass by and we visit my friend, Laura in Chicago.. She has a dog breed called a Brittany. Lucy is the neediest dog one would meet. She is sweet and does not bark. However, Lucy requires constant body contact. She leans on you or finds a way to sit on you, almost like a little kid. It's comical. A needy dog.Then in May 2011, my kids start their dog pestering again.They search for a dog on Our visit with Lucy really melted our hearts. I joined the kids in searching for that perfect dog. I especially want non-shedding. We contacted to see this white, furry dog that was part Snoodle. Our emails went back and forth and we made arrangements to meet this white dog at When we got to, the rescue lady told me the white dog could not come to meet us. I was very disappointed. After all, we drove 45 minutes to see the dog. While standing in, my husband says," now what do we do?" I had no answer.

At Petsmart the dog rescue group had other dogs avaiable for adoption. Most were barking like mad, except for one that was pacing back and forth. She dog was not barking, but looked so lost and sad. I requested to see that dog. My husband thought I was desperate. He thought the dog looked mangy. She was from a hairstyling point.

We then spent the next hour in the dog training space at, getting to know Betsy. Betsy was shy and pacing all over the place looking for the rescue lady but did not bark. We were given treats to offer Betsy. Betsy was not a jumper and she ate our treats. I thought that was a promising sign.Her disposition she was sweet. I told my husband we have to look beyond her bad hair styling. I convinced them she is the dog we are meant to bring home. I thought because she was part terrier she would not shed. I was wrong. She sheds so much I have to vacuum 2x a day.

It's been 10 weeks now. We changed her name to Casey. She is the best dog anyone would want. She has been groomed, we took obedient classes with Lorenzo. Casey is changed forever. She comes when you call, she sits on command and loves to catch ball. Casey gets along with Espresso our cat. We just love her and has changed our lives for the better Everyone always comments when they meet her,"She is so sweet!"

Casey's First Year with Us

Casey has been such a great dog. She understands basic hand cues and she follows my husband and me. I think i am the the alpha because I feed her. But she is very good with my husband. She stays within property boundaries and knows. She barks at strangers and comes when you call. She sleeps by 9:30 PM in her bed. She goes to the bathroom on command.

Casey Year two

Casey has been with us now for almost two years. She is a great dog.

1. She automatically goes to bed by 9:30 PM. She has her own body clock.

2. She understands the words, "Go Spot", potty, pee, walk, run, ball, play, sit, lie-down and roll-over.

3. Had her annual check-up and the vet said, "she is at a perfect wt and condition."

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    • alphagirl profile image

      alphagirl 6 years ago from USA

      Glassviage, You are welcome!

    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 6 years ago from Northern California

      Wow, I hadn't heard of Petfinder... what a great resource to pair homeless pets with incomplete families (incomplete meaning needing the love of a wonderful pet) :) Thanks for this Hub!

    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Hazelton 6 years ago from Sunny Florida

      alphagirl, fist of all, welsome to hubpages. I'm sure you're going to like it.

      Great article, well written. I am a big supporter of saving an animal. Both of our dogs are saved animals. I couldn't ask for better animals. They seem to know you saved them. The unconditional love is wonderful.

    • KMattox profile image

      KMattox 6 years ago from USA

      alphagirl, Welcome to HubPages and Congratulations on your new child :)I have several myself. I have two inside cats and one that will not stay in for a total of three cats. I also have a dog. All our pets are rescues as well. Thanks for encouraging people to get rescues. Nice hub! Voted up and useful. Take care.


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