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My Big Foot Sightings

Updated on September 21, 2011
all rights reserved, permission of artist given
all rights reserved, permission of artist given

Big Foot

Big Foot, Sasquatch, Skunk Ape , Yeti, and many other names have been used to label a large bi-pedal creature reportedly seen virtually all over the globe. He is said to be over eight feet tall and covered with reddish or dark brown hair. His gait is said to be very much like a human gait, except his strides are much greater and when he moves, it is with great speed. He pops up in most wilderness locals usually close to rivers,lakes or other bodies of water. He is there one moment and gone the next, according to many eyewitness accounts. People of all walks of life and gender have seen some form of a big foot. Most sightings are in very remote locations, although some of the more recent ones have been near more populated areas. There have been few Big Foot altercations or interactions with the creature, but the ones that have been reported have been very interesting.

One of the most famous accounts was actually filmed out west on a remote wilderness river. The man that did the filming was ridiculed for many years until scientific proof of his film appeared to be authenticated. Now it stands alongside several photographs and verified eyewitness sightings as the "Holy Grail" of real proof of Big Foot's existence. The beast has been seen in such places as mountainous regions in Mongolia, Florida, and several of the southern states in this country, and even small island countries. How they got there is a source of much debate among Big Foot researchers. It seems that there should be land bridges in order for them to migrate, but this does not always hold water. There has been much attention given to the missing land bridge located northward where our State of Alaska lies just some ninety miles distant from the Russian Peninsula across the icy waters. Could Big Foot have migrated across when the land mass was actually connected. This leads to much speculation.

More sightings are beginning to come forward with the building of more widespread homes and businesses. These occur all over the United States.Canada, and countries all over the world. Big Foot is beginning to run out of territory and the privacy he seems to deserve. The most common form of accepted proof that he exists is the foot print he often leaves behind. Many of these have been made into casts using plaster and have been authenticated on several occasions. There have been some forms of shelters that have been observed and photographed where Big Foot may actually live. These have been found in swampy areas in the U.S. One of the biggest problems faced about proof of Big Foot existence is the fact that no proven artifacts or skeletal remains of the creature have been authenticated as of yet.

As for me, My first sighting was in 1978 while my wife and I were traveling by car to work. The early morning mist was beginning to fade and even though my car's lights were still on, I wanted to make sure I could be seen by other motorists. As we approached a bridge a huge hairy creature about seven feet tall ambled across the roadway in front of us. We both saw the creature at the same time and my wife let out a squeal. He appeared to move beneath a bridge railing and disappeared. I slowed my vehicle but continued on my trip toward the school in which we both worked. We did not discuss the event with anyone at the time for fear of ridicule or that they might think we were drinking. Years later we actually told others of our sighting there.

Another sighting was made by me in the woods as I was hunting deer. As i rounded a trail and looked back to my left, I saw a small creature sitting on a fallen tree. I had sat on that same tree many times myself, so I knew that there was something strange sitting on that tree. I stopped in my tracks and peered through my scope at the animal. It seemed to remain motionless and as I stared to walk forward the small creature turned its head in my direction. Then it quickly exited and when I approached the fallen tree I saw disturbed soil and leaves where the creature had been. I had been in that area and it was located very close to a small river that made an ox bow in that area. I never saw it again, despite searching the area thoroughly with my son and other hunters from that hunting land. My oldest son did see a strange creature one evening as he returned from hunting in that general area. It appeared to have red eyes and soon disappeared from his sight.

I question my own visual identification in my third sighting of what I thought to be a small Big Foot creature. It happened one day in broad daylight about midday on the road to a nearby Florida town. My wife and daughter never saw the creature as they were in the front seat of our automobile. My wife was driving and the two females were talking up a storm. I sat in the back seat and placed my head in the middle of the two talkers and as I peered straight ahead in front of our car, there was a small furry big foot creature running across the roadway in front of us. I yelled to them to look at the creature, but they said that they did not see it in time, as I had done. I had to swear that I had actually seen the creature and I still don't know if they believed me to this very day.

Who knows what the creatures are or how long they have been in existence? All I know is what I have seen and many others as well. Perhaps some day we will find the answers that we are all searching for and we will know if they may actually be related to us.


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    • whonunuwho profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from United States

      Thanks Au fait, I am interested in anything in the out door life, be it common critters or the strange ones. I believe these creatures are going to be seen bu more folks due to the encroachment upon their natural habitats and loosing their areas to stay away from the noise that people make. Many thousands across the U.S. and Canada, as well in Asia, have seen similar creatures and most are believable people with stable backgrounds who say they have encountered, or seen these hairy animals. Just another animal that has been well hidden from us in the past and is now coming out of its sanctuary to be seen. Thanks for your comments.

    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 

      5 years ago from North Texas

      Very interesting. I am always curious about things like this. I don't believe I've ever seen anything like it despite growing up in the sticks of central Wisconsin, though I did see something strange once, but it didn't resemble any of the photos or drawings I've ever seen of Big Foot.

      Seems to me if it has been able to avoid people so well all this time, it may very well know how to build and float a boat.

      Cool picture!

      Voted you up and interesting. Will share with my followers.


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