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My Cat, My Companion, My Best Friend

Updated on March 30, 2019

My Cat Flew the Coop

I was moving from Ca. to Az, and I was not able to take much with me. My brother came with a pick up truck and we were in the process of filling it with my belongings.

My husband had died three weeks earlier, and I was having a difficult time deciding what to take and what I was going to leave behind. I was doing a lot of crying, and to make things harder, we had adopted a few cats, and I found out that I could only take one of the eight with me, for where I was moving to, did not allow more than one.

To make things even more difficult, I did not have a carrier to put the cat into to travel with. I was beside myself. I had decided to take a black cat, a female named Suki, who was a twin with another black cat, a male named coal. Both of them were very social, but Suki was closer to me as she followed me everywhere I went.

As the packing of the truck drew to a close, it was time to get into the truck and put Suki into the back seat where we would be traveling together. It was going to be a tough journey, about 12 hours on the road, not counting the stops for gas, bathroom, and eating.

I had talked to my neighbors before we left and found those who agreed to take the rest of my cats and adopt them. They were all very friendly, the cats not the neighbors, so I felt comfortable leaving them behind, but it was still a tough thing to have to do because they were like my kids. I continued to cry.

It was time to leave, and I found Suki and carried her to the truck, put her into the back seat where we were going to travel together. As I set her in, I got in too next to her, and as I reached to close the door, she panicked. She scratched me up pretty good, ran, or I should say scrambled around the cab about three times and bolted out of the truck. I watched her as she ran around the back of the house and out of sight. I looked around for quite a while, and could not find her anywhere. This is exactly what I needed, something else to upset me. I continued to cry.

He Rescued Me

I was beside myself, as my brother was wanting to get going as it was getting later and later and he wanted to get on the road. He saw how upset I was, and told me that we could spend a few more minutes looking around for the cat.

I opened the door of the truck and got into the back seat and just sat there. Suddenly, out of the blue, Suki's twin brother came out of the back of the driveway, walked straight to the truck where I was sitting, and jumped in, right into my lap. He looked up and me and said "Meow, meow, meow" his eyes never leaving mine. He rubbed his head on my face and purred. OMG, I couldn't believe this. I can't understand cat language, but he was clearly asking me to take him instead.

I do understand cat body language pretty well. He was scent marking me, and he wouldn't stop. He climbed up on my shoulders and rubbed all over me. He kept this up for at least an hour or so into the trip. He then went down on the floor by my feet, and found my jacket, and went to sleep on it.

From that moment on he would not let me get out of his sight. The first time we pulled into a gas station, I decided to get out and stretch my legs. I made sure he did not escape from the truck, shut the door, and went in. When I came out to get back in, I open the door slightly to see where he was. It wasn't open but about three seconds and he bolted out. He ran across the pavement into the desert, stopped and looked behind him. I was calling and calling but he acted like he didn't hear me.

He was off the pavement when he stopped. He began digging into the desert sand, and squatted. I hadn't even thought of that, he had to go, really bad I guess. He treated the desert sand like his litter box. when he was through going he buried the spot and came running back to me, and just jumped back into the truck and when I got in behind him, again he said "Meow, meow." as if to say, you're not leaving me behind.

From that time on, I did not have to worry about him getting lost or anything like that. He was just like a dog, he followed me, never letting me get far away from him.

We made the trip in good time and I took him into the house where we were to live. He did not let me leave the room without being right by my side. my brother lived two doors down from my place, and when I walked over there, he was right by my side, just like walking the dog.

I talked to him as if he were a child. He understands my words, and if I ask him if he wants to eat, he meows, yes. If I ask him if he wants to go see Uncle Bob, he runs to the door. When I say, lets go to bed, he runs in and jumps on my bed. I know he understands what I am saying, and I truly feel as though there is a human soul inside him.

It has been seven months since we made that trip. He is still attached to me as if he were afraid I was going to leave him somewhere. He gets in the car when I go shopping and is very good about waiting patiently for me to come out. When I carry the groceries into the house, he inspects the bags until he finds the cans of cat food and tuna fish....and gets into the bag with the cans. He is truly the smartest and closest pet I have ever had.

He has the soul of a human, and I think that he is my guardian angel, sent to stay by me to keep me from being sad, and to keep me company when things get tough, and to remind me that I am not alone.

Who ever said that black cats are bad luck?


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