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My Cat, Truffles (A.K.A MidNight)

Updated on September 21, 2015
There's a panther in my room!
There's a panther in my room!

Black & Beautiful.

Please toss aside any superstitions or prejudice you may have against black cats. There's absolutely no reason to not embrace the warm, calming nature of such a divine creature. Everything from the vibrations of his purring, down to the soothing fur & prickly whiskers against my skin is enough to make even the most trying days that much more tolerable. It's difficult to imagine making it through most days without him.

With the presence of severe social anxiety (and the absence of any real friends or relationships), my cat has provided me with 'someone' to come home to. A warm body to hold, a set of ears to listen & a paw to lean on. Even in times of financial or psychological distress, Truffles has been there with the same welcoming feline grace as always. There's no need to front, fake or lie. He doesn't speak or write English, but most of the time I feel as if he understands me better than any person can. It's okay to not have the energy or social skills to ramble-on for hours while reading & interpreting body language or other non-verbal cues.

When I was first looking to add a feline friend to my life, I'd already had substantial experience volunteering in various animal care settings. I knew exactly what I was looking for: I wanted that calm, long-haired presence that sparked chemistry. I visited one of my old volunteering opportunities with high-expectations, except that there were very few cats to select from, which was unusual for that location. Out of the few available (I think around five or maybe six, if I can remember that far back), two of the cats were particularly young. Truffles was sharing a cage with an even younger kitten. At approximately four-months old, I knew that I would be able to gauge the personality of Truffles with relative ease. However, for the other kitten (perhaps around half the age of Truffles) I wasn't confident that I would be able to do the same. They seemed to get along with each other, and at one point I was considering adopting both of them.

The problem I ran into was that, while Truffles was very calm and willing to be approached and handled, the younger kitten was not. He often ran away or meowed frantically if you tried to handle him. I toke this as foreshadowing for his future behavior, and decided that even if I had to separate them, I wasn't willing to let Truffles go. In fact, I wanted to save him from the approaching Halloween season, a time when many black cats are abused, returned or even worse. I'd put an application in, not really expecting much. At that point I was even considering a caged animal if I wasn't approved for the adoption. However, that very same week, on one of my days off I received a phone call approving my application for Truffles. I was as excited as a car-loan applicant receiving their approval.

The transition to a new home went rather smoothly, with Truffles using his new litter box without any encouragement from others. That's why I am very insistent on adopting a young cat at a stage where they're already litter-boxed trained & budding their overall personality. Black cats, after doing some basic research, tend to have varying degrees of the Siamese breed in their DNA, which is partially responsible for the color of their fur, facial structure & vocal behavior. I can definitely see the validity in these claims simply by examining the physical traits and vocalizations in my own cat.

To summarize, black cats are awesome. I've never known another cat or animal with such a charismatic personality. Please cast away any doubts you may have previously had, there's nothing unlucky or unwise about adding a black cat to your home.

Cats will sleep (on average) for about two-thirds (2/3) of the day.
Cats will sleep (on average) for about two-thirds (2/3) of the day.
It's nice to have someone willing to wake up & greet you when you return home.
It's nice to have someone willing to wake up & greet you when you return home.

Why You Should Consider Adopting a Black Cat


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    • SegaNet91 profile imageAUTHOR

      Kristopher Billingsley 

      3 years ago from Tulsa, OK


    • mythbuster profile image


      3 years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Decide

      Nice hub. I am glad you have found a great companion in your black cat! I didn't know black cats are less likely to be adopted (as mentioned in the vid) and that they are sought out on hallowe'en for unreasonable purposes. The latter is very sad. It is good that Truffles got to your house before spook night.


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