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My Cat is Psycho - A Humorous Look

Updated on July 1, 2011
I'm his sister...and "Little Man" is a terror on my napping ability.  Meow
I'm his sister...and "Little Man" is a terror on my napping ability. Meow

Our "Little Man"

I will never forget the day we adopted our cat. We were just mindlessly going about our day trying to get some things done. Somehow we ended up at a local Pet Store. This didn't seem unusual because having a child in your family, Pet Stores are a given visit, just to see the puppies, fish, or other little critters a child finds fascinating to look at.

This particular day, they had a couple kittens. Now mind you, we looked, but didn't have our little one with us. Nope, just us adults.....gawking at two little fur balls mewing at us. Needless to say, my partner, fell in love with one of them. So we filled out the paperwork and went home to wait for a call from the lady handling the adoptions. One hour later the phone rang. My man, hung up, and blatantly stated with a joyous roar "We have to go pick up my son."

We brought our little furry bundle of joy home, unbeknown to us that our "little man" has the most colorful personality. The very first night, he had anywhere to sleep...he chose my head. I think the purring kept me up all night. I even called my partner at work, and before I could say hello, I was greeted with a gleeful, "Don't you be blaming my boy!" I couldn't help but laugh. It was quite a picture to see. Tired, sleepy woman with a cat on her head.

The most amazing thing? Our baby boy knocks on doors, and it sounds like a human doing it. I have lost count how many times we heard a rapping at the door, and opened it....there he is eager to enter. Amazingly, he knocks when he wants out as well. Not a pleasant sound when you are in a dead sleep and get the rapping at the door. He has not one lick of patience though. If you don't get up quick enough, there is this door stop on the door and he has figured out "If I slap it really hard and numerous times...that loud obnoxious bong noise will get them up!" Oh that noise! Yes it works every time.

He leads a happy spoiled kitty life. His daily routine is following me around all day, mewing, and trying to help with whatever I do. That is if he isn't "psycho playing" as we call it. He really gets into it and pictures are not safe in his path of play. Neither are you. I have been ran into quite frequently, tripped a few times. After gaining some composure....he's off again. So much energy.

His absolute favorite activity is "Head butting the Momma" as my partner calls it. Sure it comes with a massive roar of purrs, however it is a abrupt awakening to be laying there peacefully sleeping and then....WHAM! and not just one wham, multiple whams. Then he digs in like a puppy burying his bone. "Momma" is attached to this dig as well. I must be touched....not the end of the bed, not my it has to be me. This usually takes about fifteen minutes with a lot of fanfare to it. Still his little purr motor is roaring like a steam engine until he drifts off to sleep.

He loves to play in my plants as well. None are safe from his curiosity. I have a spider plant that I inherited from a dear uncle's funeral......his favorite. He goes bonkers every time he sees it. When I say bonkers...I mean bonkers. I never knew a cat could flip in the air the way he does. You can't help but be amused at his endless talents. I have lately started shutting the door to the room it is in. I also get to hear our sweet little boy's displeasure about that door being closed. It is the saddest mew, like a pout. You would think he is dying not being able to get to that plant. Now he sits by the door keeping guard. The moment that door opens....the plant is toast. He knows I am on to him....still the vigil remains.

I have a medical condition, which makes me very ill a lot of times. He is my little shadow. My best buddy. One day I found myself in the bathroom, extremely sick. I shut the door, but soon the rapping came, so I let him in. He hopped on the sick and proceeded to sit there and watch me. When my partner came home he found us both in the bathroom. I told him it was ok, I had my watch dog with me. When my partner left and shut the door, I looked at the cat and asked "So if I pass out...are you going to go get him?" I was rewarded with a mew and a head butt.

He isn't quite 2 years old yet....there are going to be many more funny stories he achieves. We are very glad we adopted him. Though he is completely fixated on me, there is a strong bond of friendship. He loves me, he loves my partner, he loves his family. We love him too.


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    • b. Malin profile image

      b. Malin 5 years ago

      Fun Story Nichole. It brought back Memories of my Cat "George" whom your Kitty looks like. I actually wrote about "George My Whore Cat". Cats and Dogs too, can sense when we are sick, and can be such great comforts.

      I now look forward to Following your Hubs, hope you will check mine out as well.

    • Perry the Cat profile image

      Perry the Cat 5 years ago from Mouskin, Texas

      It's great to have a well adjusted kitty with a great personality, and handsome as well! I head butt my mom, too, usually when she's sitting on the potty and I'm on the sink. That clawing the chest is called "making biscuits". It's what kittens do to stimulate milk from their mothers. It means your cat is supremely happy and sees you as his mommy. If it is uncomfortable, you can always get a baby nail clippers and snip off the ends of his claws. Just the sharp points. It won't hurt.

      Young cats do get pretty crazy. If you want to save your plants, get a pot and plant catnip in it. Then move it to somewhere away from the other plants. He can go nuts over the catnip and should leave the other things alone. As he gets older, he will calm down a bit.

      Make sure to have your boy neutered, if he wasn't as part of your adoption deal. Neutered indoor kitties are happy indoor kitties.

      This cat is obviously attached to you, imprinted even. If he was very young when you adopted him, he probably thinks you're his mother. It's ok, he'll calm down in a few years. But it sounds like he'll always be a faithful friend to you.

      Congrats on your great fortune!


    • pennyofheaven profile image

      pennyofheaven 7 years ago from New Zealand


    • dragonlady1967 profile image

      dragonlady1967 7 years ago

      Hi Nicole - I have a 16yr old cat who is my bff. They really do know when you don't feel well. It is amazing their instinct. I can't live without my little buddies either. "Little Man" is so much fun, I really enjoyed writing about him today. It is my favorite hub. Thanks for sharing your post I really enjoyed it too. :-)

    • profile image

      Nicole 7 years ago

      Loved your story. I have Lyme's disease and suffer with many

      severe health problems. I have a 13 yr old Persian (I have raised

      since he was 2months pls) who is my little

      caretaker and comfort. He is always by my side when I am really sick

      I recently adopted 2 three yr old Persians from our local shelter. The female is shy

      and reserved. but when I am having severe pain all three cats come to gather around

      me to offer comfort. They are so concerned !! I don't know how they know

      when it is really severe pain but they do (I try not to cry because it really upsets my

      older cat who assosciates me getting really sick to mommy "dissapearing" for a while

      when I have to be hospitalized. They are so devoted and loving I could not face this illness

      without them.