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My Cat is so Ghetto

Updated on February 1, 2016

How can this possibly be comfortable?

Cats can contort themselves into all sorts of spaces and then go to sleep.  Amazing!
Cats can contort themselves into all sorts of spaces and then go to sleep. Amazing!

They have their own funny ways

Cats are unique and strange creatures and mine is no exception. There are people who do not like cats because they are so independent. Others are suspicious of the strange ways of the feline species. But cats can be good company and in general they require much less care than dogs.

We found our cat under the car. This is literally what happened. I came home from work on the coldest day of the year. The radio was blasting frost warning reports and telling people to bring plants and animals indoors. I was parking the car when I heard loud mewing from my husband's car. I went over to see what was going on and out from under the car crawled this tiny fur ball. Her whole body could fit in my hand. She was purring so loud her whole body shook. She had a small scarf around her neck so I figured she belonged to someone. I took her in the house because I didn't want her to freeze to death outdoors. That was my mistake. The next day I went to all my neighbors ringing bells and asking if they had lost a cat. NO ONE would claim her as theirs. So she became mine. Though I waited a few weeks, no one ever came forward to claim her.

We took her to the vet for all the required shots and such. The veterinarian office recommended Science diet foods or Iams, which are supposed to be very healthy food for animals. They have a price to match the high quality they claim. I took home a small bag and soon found my cat didn't like high priced cat food. She preferred Purina Kitten chow. Later when she was older, she graduated to Cat chow. That is all she wants to eat, except for canned food which she is only allowed on special occasions. Her diet had to be restricted because she is a Cat chow-aholic. She cries for it morning and night. If I don't get it in the dish fast enough she will start biting my feet. She is like an addict or something. I have her on a diet because she was getting too fat and the vet was concerned.

Then to make matters worse, when I go out of town, I ask my friends to cat sit for me, but they think this is their opportunity to just pour food in the dish which she will immediately gulp down. So I have to switch brands every time I go away. Cats like what they like and they won't eat what they don't like. My friends, who are every bit as crazy as my cat, pour the food in the dish and don't understand why she doesn't eat it. I come home, throw out the uneaten food and go back to our usual routine. After a day or so we are back to normal.

Quirky but lovable

Cats have a lot of funny ways, but they are lovable and fun.
Cats have a lot of funny ways, but they are lovable and fun.

It's not just the food

 My cat is also unique in her sleeping habits.  I bought her a nice bed to sleep on, but she won't sleep on it.  She will sleep on my bed when I am not there.  But in general she prefers to sleep in a cardboard box or a paper bag.  Yes, I said a paper bag.  This is why I say she is ghetto.  I buy her high quality food, but she won't eat it.  I buy her a nice bed but she won't sleep in it.  I try to give her the finer things in life, but she doesn't want them.  I spent all kinds of money on cat toys, but she prefers to chase ice cubes around the kitchen floor. 

She also tries to mimic the things she sees me do.  I have found her sitting in the bathtub, looking at me as if to say, "What is the purpose of this giant bowl?  Is it for cat food?"   Sometimes she will be hungry but she won't eat until I sit down at the kitchen table.  When I stretch out on the couch, she stretches out on the floor.  But the uniquely cat-like thing she does is hide.  She hides in fear when there is a storm.  The rest of the time, she hides for fun.  Sometimes she hides in plain sight.  She thinks we can't see her and that is really funny.  Other times we really can't see her.  She won't come when you call if she is in the hiding mode.  No, you have to wait until she gets tired of hiding and decides to come out. 

Cats have decidedly strange, funny, amusing and unusual ways.  But they are fun and I am glad I have one.  Some people prefer dogs, some prefer cats.  I like both, but I think cats are easier overall.  You don't have to walk them, though you may need to clean up after them.  They amuse themselves.  They like their space.  And if you have one who is like mine, an alley cat at heart, they are not that expensive.   


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    • bjspivey-rivers profile image

      bjspivey-rivers 6 years ago

      I totally agree. Thanks for this comment!

    • The Taco Tagger profile image

      Jim Jimbo 6 years ago

      I liked this. There's a saying that goes, "Cat's don't have owners, they have servants."