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My Dog Has A Urinary Tract Infection-Help!!! (recipe)

Updated on September 28, 2012
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Alison has been practicing Animal Communication for over twelve years. She has a certificate from The Gurney Institute.

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Pee on the carpet? Wasn't me.
Pee on the carpet? Wasn't me.
Pee on the carpet? Wasn't me.

UTI's & Your Dog

My Dog Has A Urinary Tract Infection, Help!!!!

Urinary tract infections, or UTI’s are quite common in dogs, but they can be quite dangerous too. Urinary tract infections are often caused by a dog ingesting contaminated food or water. The infection spreads through the blood stream into the lymphatic system and can cause secondary infections in other parts of the body.

Urinary Tract Infections often develop where urine is excreted out of the body and usually encompasses the kidney urethra and prostate. Because of the small length of their urethra female dogs are more susceptible to UTI’s.

Urinary tract infections are hard to diagnose because the dog may not show symptoms until the infection is in its advanced stages. That’s why it is important to pay attention to your dog’s bathroom habits. Early detection is the key to a successful recovery.

Here are some signs that your dog may have a UTI, your dog urinates more often and sometimes less often than usual, they squat but nothing comes out, incontinence, your dog leaks urine often without them knowing it. Your dog drinks excessive amounts of water. If they whimper when they urinate they may drink less water. In its advanced stages a dog may not eat at all causing them to lose a lot of weight rapidly. They may vomit and become anorexic. If you see any of these signs please get your dog to a veterinarian immediately.

The best way to treat a urinary tract infection is to not let your dog get one in the first place. The old saying an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is especially true with a UTI. Always make sure your dog has access to plenty of fresh water and change it several times a day. Make sure your dog gets frequent bathroom breaks. If you work all day a doggie door or dog walker are important. Contaminated food and water cause a good percentage of UTI’s. A home cooked diet ensures that the ingredients you feed your dog are the freshest they can be. Adding citrus juices or apple cider vinegar to their meals is a great way to ward off infections. The extra acid in citrus helps eliminate bacteria in their system. Bacteria doesn’t survive well in acid environments. Keeping the area around your dog’s urethra clean also helps keep bacteria from entering the system. This can be accomplished with frequent grooming. Regular vet visits can often find an issue before it gets too out of hand.

Being an astute pet owner can help deter issues before they become a big problem.

Turkey & Oatmeal

10 oz ground turkey (boiled in water, skim the fat)

12 oz oatmeal (cooked)

2oz Cranberries (boiled iuntil soft)

2 oz Mango (raw diced)

1tblsp honey

Cook oatmeal set aside, boil cranberries let cool. Mix turkey oatmeal, cranberries and mango in a bowl. Serve your dog according to what you would normally feed them. This recipe serves an 85lb dog. Refrigerate the rest for up to three days.


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    • Keri Machin profile image

      Keri Machin 4 years ago from Miami Florida

      awww poor puppy! great hub!

    • profile image

      sosimk 5 years ago from Torrance

      GAH! It is so important to pay close attention to your dog's potty habits. This poor Springer Spaniel is not only prone to them, but has been fighting them her entire life. Her pet mom has learned to recognize the signs, but her dog still suffers.