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My Dog Journal - 1- Adopting a Stray Female Puppy

Updated on September 10, 2014
Kiku My Adopted Stray Female Puppy
Kiku My Adopted Stray Female Puppy | Source

Pets Are Our Relatives Reborn

I think of my dogs as people in fur coats. As The Buddha says, our pets and indeed all animals have been our relatives across infinite births. Our pets could be dead relatives reborn.

It is December 2013 as I write this and I have 4 Christmas presents - 4 little puppies from Kiku, my beautiful mongrel who mated with the very sweet and obedient and independent Pomeranian I took in.

Adopting the Stray Female Puppy

When I had first set eyes on Kiku, I had been moved by how tiny she was and her beautiful brown and white coat. She has these brown polka dots in varying sizes placed artistically on her back. Her ears are pretty big and perky and her coat is beautifully soft and conditioned and never seems to shed. I took Kiku in, not just because she was pretty, but also because she was female and seemed gutsy enough to go exploring on her own.

Abandoned Dog EP. Father Of My 4 Puppies
Abandoned Dog EP. Father Of My 4 Puppies | Source

Big Male Dog Gentle With the Female Puppy

Kiku and another of my rescued mongrels, Shamu, got along very well. They used to sleep under the portico when I was living nearby in a rented space and Shamu did not mind when he took over most of his mat. He was a year old then and she, tiny.

Adopted Stray Dog Shamu All Grown Up 2014
Adopted Stray Dog Shamu All Grown Up 2014 | Source

Do Male Dogs Resent Puppies?

But now Shamu is not so nice to Kiku. He growls at her at times, despite her efforts at friendliness – showing him his tummy and all that. He must have sensed that she has puppies and he probably finds that threatening. So every time I let Kiku out to pee, I have to watch Shamu who is chained most of the day to his kennel right in front of the main door. Why do I chain him most of the day? That’s another story.

Watch My Two-Month-Old Puppies At Play

My Dog Kiku Has Puppies

I knew on the morning of the 24th that Kiku might be about to give birth. She was acting strange- sitting inside Shamu’s kennel, scratching at the mats, bundling them up. Her teats looked fuller and so did her belly. She did another uncharacteristic thing – she dug up parts of the flower beds. Late at night, around 10 pm, I heard a couple of shrieks and went looking for her. I found her huddled on a plastic sheet outside at the rear of the house. She was not alone. She had already had her puppies.

One-Month-Old Pups Rei and Shin January 2014
One-Month-Old Pups Rei and Shin January 2014 | Source

Finding a Safe, Comfortable Place For Newborn Puppies

Lucky for the puppies and me that I have a couple of knowledgeable dog lovers living in the flat upstairs. They have six dogs upstairs, but my dogs have no problem with that. I was thinking of housing Kiku and her pups in one of the kennels, but they didn’t think it a good idea. It’s a cold winter here in Bangalore and the kennels have large meshed doors which would make the kennels pretty old too.

Besides, it’s unusually windy out here. They suggested I keep them away from the other dogs and keep them warm. So I decided to transfer them to my bedroom where I could keep the door closed and keep the other dogs out.

© 2014 Anita Saran


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    • Nancy Owens profile image

      Nancy Owens 3 years ago from USA

      Good thing you were there to take these homeless dogs in.